Saturday, April 07, 2018

Who is interested in Landry?

We know the Patriots like Landry. We also know that he will get a long look at Detroit given the history with Pasqualoni. But who else is considering him early. Supposedly the 49ers are but could try to trade down from their pick and get Landry latter in the first round. Based on pre-Draft visits, it seems like the Cowboys are interested in his ability to be an edge rusher in a 3-4. Here is a breakdown of Landry from a Cowboys blog.


Knucklehead said...

Dallas has history with Boston College: Kelvin Martin, Alex Albright and Ron Stone but Landry going to Dallas would be beneficial to Boston College in football recruiting. We are starting to make moves there already with Shelmire and Vrabel. Having a successful BC player at edge rusher for the Cowboys would make us a real alternative for recruits in B12 country, especially those that go to church on Sunday.

Ryan going to Atlanta and Keuchly to Charlotte was disappointing from a cache perspective. I would rather have had them go to an NFC East team or another mainstay like Chicago, SF, SD(LA) or even Miami.

If the Patriots take Landry he won't be an edge rusher exclusively he will play weakside LB, be covering TE's and playing zone. If he goes to Dallas or Detroit he will be rushing the passer, only. Since his durability is a question the Patriots will pass. Imagine if Brady stopped playing because of a high ankle sprain? Patriots expect that you play with injuries. Landry is kind of a pussy.

Georgia Eagle said...

I agree with knuckles assessments of Landry's lack of mental and physical toughness. He was more concerned with protecting his draft status than playing though his injury to help BC.

mod34b said...

Too much hype from and about Landry.

He is not the second coming of Vic Beasley. Hardly. But even Beasley at around 250 had trouble shedding massive NFL OL Hence the switch off line to SAM. [now switching back]

Landry had that trouble in college. Might be tough in NFL. Is he really just a pure passing down kinda guy? Many are calling him a one trick pony

Landry kicked ass rush wise against bad teams but had had mixed results against big boys. [eg, 1 sack vs Clemson in 2 years]

Happy to see Landry go before end of 3rd.

CT said...

Vic had 15.5 sacks when he was strictly a pass rusher. Fyi, he was switched out because Duke Riley sucked. U don't mess with the NFL sack leader unless it's an emergency. It was.

CT said...

Btw, he was 250 when led the NFL in sacks. What does Mack weigh? Landry will be good. U can't teach speed.

John said...
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John said...

Landry is the same size as Von Miller, OLB and sack master of Denver Broncos.

NYCEagle said...

Landry will be good. His first step and bend are unmatched by anyone in this draft, including consensus top 5 pick Bradley Chubb. When healthy, Landry is a game wrecker. He’s too fast for bigger offensive tackles. If he’s given the chance to rush every down like a Mack or Miller he will be a very good player in this league

NYCEagle said...

By the way anyone questioning his toughness has clearly never experienced a high ankle sprain personally. Probably the injury that lingers the most and has the most chance of recurring if rushed back, besides a strained hamstring. The recovery can take longer than a broken foot

knucklehead said...

Any coach with half wit will run the ball right at him all day long.

Landry is purely a rush end who will be hampered if he plays on grass and is required to set an edge.

If he goes to Detroit or Dallas he will have 12 sacks and make 12 tackles on the line of scrimmage(all season).

He is the definition of a specialist right now.

I could see him learn to turn and cover screens or TE's if he is coached properly(Patriots) but not playing last season bothers me.

He might get to the NFL and lay it all on the line, now that he has some $$. I doubt it though.