Sunday, May 13, 2018

CFN's BC preview

CFN posted their BC preview and it is pretty thorough and pretty predictable. The season is going to come down to Dillon and Brown. Overall they also see us around the six or seven win more of the same.

They are very optimistic about the OLine and the D bouncing back from last year's decline. What gives them concern is the schedule. They term it "brutal." I don't see it that way. Or at least not any more brutal than other recent schedules. There are three built in wins and that leaves Addazio to get three more out of the remaining nine games to get to a bowl. That's a low bar to me, not brutal.

Overall, it is a fair and good preview and a reminder that Football is closer than we think.


knucklehead said...

CFN = Clearly Fucking Not( paying attention)

Does Mod34b write for them?

knucklehead said...

Nine wins if there are no major injuries.

knucklehead said...

At least nine.

NEDofSavinHill said...

Conventional wisdom. No insights. Reminds one of the NBA draft two yeas ago. The National plus local media and talk radio told everyone that it was a two person draft. That Simmons and Ingram were far better than everyone else and a big falloff existed after that. So when the Celtics owner announced Jaylen Brown as the third selection almost all the Celtics fans booed demonstrating their ignorance. Don't listen to the media. 2. CFB assessment sounds like he didn't watch any of their last nine games. Change two plays and BC is 8-1 in their last nine. If this team wins only six games something is missing. The claim that they will be underdogs in all five road games may be true as far as betting goes but all five are no worse than tossups for the Eagles. Don't be surprised if they go 4-1 in those contests. The only team on their schedule with superior talent is Clemson. 8 or 9 wins at a minimum.

NYCEagle said...

Agree with all of this ^. I have wins vs Holy Cross, Umass, Purdue, Temple, NC State, Louisville, Miami (upset Friday night at home for red bandana game), Syracuse. I have close losses at Wake, FSU, Clemson at home, and VT on the road. 8-4 with the potential to beat one of FSU and Wake a real possibility

downtown_resident said...

The schedule is roughly the same as last season-- you just swap Miami for Notre Dame. The rationale for retaining Daz was that the 5-1 second half was something that BC could carry over into 2018, so six or seven wins should not be the expectation for this team and this coach in 2018. Get us to nine wins or it's time to turn the page on Daz.

mod34b said...

odds of winning summed

Umass 1.0
Holy Cross 1.0
Temple .7

Purdue .6
Wake .5
Syra .7

Lville .4
Miami .4
FSU .3
VT .2
Clem .2

early win projection = 6 wins +/- 1

NYCEagle said...

Louisville lost Lamar Jackson who carried that team for the last 3 years. Their defense was absolute garbage. Not sure why we’re an underdog vs them at home when we beat them last year on the road in a game Jackson played

knucklehead said...

When you assign your own odds all you have to do is say how many wins you think they are going to get. Absolutely no fucking need to list out the math.

Anyone who thinks NC State, L, and Wake are toss ups is smoking what CFN has planted there.

dietmrfizz said...

If we get good QB play and if Dillon stays healthy all season, this team could win 9. Those are 2 big ifs though.

Also, I wonder if losing PP will result in Addazio blowing a win due to poor game management.

mod34b said...

bitch, if you do not know enough about a subject matter, try not to open your yap and prove it.

knucklehead said...

Are those your odds or from a book?

knucklehead said...

The 60% chance of beating Purdue is that from tour stupid mind or from Vegas?

Since you are stupid idiot I will ask the question two different ways. Maybe you understand on of them.

mod34b said...

you are so invested in calling everyone else stupid.

obviously, you think very little of yourself. and for once your right.

Aquila said...

Fellas, you’re crushing it! CRUSH!!!

Aquila said...

Knuckle, you better be crushin it.

John said...

I think Purdue will be a tough test over there. The game could produce a nice win and give us confidence going into the brunt of the league schedule - or - I don't even want to think about it.

Go BC in 2018!

knucklehead said...

Just you Mod.

knucklehead said...

You obviously determined the odds. So the math is not needed and is shown because you think you are smarter than everyone.

Painfully obvious.