Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Still good at Grayson

When his son decided to commit to Texas, some questioned Kenyatta Watson's loyalty to BC and his relationship with his Alma mater. Two scholarship offers from Wednesday should put to rest any lingering doubts that Watson is still a BC guy.

Watson's son plays for a suburban Atlanta powerhouse Grayson. Kenyatta practically built the program as the vast majority of their players came up through his youth football program. Now BC offered 2020 targets QB CJ Dixon and 2020 DLine prospect Jadyn Bost. Both players tagged Watson in their social media reactions. Both seem very excited about BC's interest.

Because of their profile every kid who takes the field at Grayson will be seen by every recruiter in the country. Having a BC guy -- who happens to work for Under Armour -- tied to the program is a great thing. I don't know if Dixon and Bost will ultimately land at BC, but I do know that Kenyatta Watson is still telling those Grayson players what at great place BC is.


John said...

Good deal.

Walter D. Tipton said...
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