Saturday, June 02, 2018

ICYMI, Apuzzo wins Tewaaraton

While it doesn't take away the pain of losing the National Championship game, BC should be very proud of Sam Apuzzo's accomplishments. Last week, the Junior won the Tewaaraton Award. It is one of the most prestigious awards in College Lacrosse. She is the first BC player to win the honor.


John said...

What a great accomplishment for Sam and the entire team and coaching staff.

For here all are one........

Congratulations Sam Apuzzo.

JBQ said...

The woman deserves the accolades. However, it is tarnished by Title IX. Jim Brown played lacrosse and football for Syracuse. Women in sports should not be a 50-50 proposition. Most women are there to support the men. That should be reflected accordingly in the allotment of scholarships.--- Both Ann Meyer and Cherly Miller who are both 6 ft 3 and have UCLA connected basketball brothers signed 10 day contracts with the LA Lakers. They lasted about as long as it took for the ink to dry. Let's get realistic.---Football has some 90 scholarships which by regulation has to be balanced in a myriad of women's sports. By their very nature, men are driven to athletics. This is all about the socialization of America and the destruction of the traditional family.---Matt Ryan just signed a scintillating guaranteed contract. He just had twin boys. His wife was a point guard at BC. You don't see Matt setting aside time to support his wife's career in basketball.---In "tuna" speech, sorry, Charlie. This is all about God, family, country and not about the fulfillment of women as individuals.

Edward Griffith said...

WELL DONE SAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


EVERYONE SHOULD CUT 25 FOOTBALL SCHOLARSHIPS. This could take care of men's lax, rowing etc.

One platoon football except qbs , punters , place kickers and two designated other backs .
COLLEGE FOOTBALL should not be the minor leagues for pro football.
Society has changed women no longer need stay in the kitchen. (aka barefoot ,pregnant etc)

mod34b said...
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Joseph said...

JBQ says"This is all about God, family, country". No, it is not. It is about people. Sorry, but that attitude is what gets us authoritarians in charge and denies the value of the individual.

CT said...

No. He’s not.

And that’s sad.

That is just the latest absurd post by the one of the same four absurd persons who spend their time on here. This blog, no offense to ATL, well, actually I’m the real ATL, deteriorates more each day. Sad.

Unknown said...

You're right JBQ. It should not be 50/50. It should be 47/53 given 53% of the BC population is female. This goes for academic scholly's as well.

John said...

And from what I understood in the past, absence some very quiet "favoritism toward an as even a gender split as possible" the actual enrollment might be closer to 40% male to 60% female.

Better odds than when I was a student years ago, when it was male 90% to 10% or 80% to 20%

At 40% to 60%, a guy might actually score a date! 🙂