Sunday, June 17, 2018

No one looks at Addazio the same way

I don't think Addazio is a great coach. I also don't think he is a bad one. He's mediocre. 7-6 seems to be his perfect record. But I can be myopic about BC stuff. I am too deep into it. Too emotional. Maybe I don't know...or appreciate what we have. I try to step back and I do think I am being fair, because if you read enough preview stuff, people think Addazio is an overachiever or an underachiever.

Athlon ranked him as the worst coach in the ACC. They hedge a bit and say he would be higher in other conferences and might have a strong year. But 14th is 14th.

Phil Steele on the other hand likes Addazio, thinks we will be a surprise team and a potential Top 20 team.

I do think it is good that many are saying "this is the year." It might mean we finally see if Addazio is anything more than a 7-6 coach.


Georgia Eagle said...

ATL, that is one of the most accurate and realistic opinions of Day you have ever posted. Finally.

Georgia Eagle said...

Daz, not Day

John said...

Must get out of the gates strong and fast this year.

At Wake Forest on a Thursday night, Temple and at Purdue will tell us the story.

We know that we have lost (some of) these type games in the past. As far as I'm concerned, we need to be 5 and 0 at the end of September. I suppose 4 and 1 is acceptable, but if this is to be a special season, we must win the first 5 IMHO.

Go BC!

bceagle93 said...

Mark my words: if he goes 7-6 once again (meaning they make the Poulan Weed Eater Bowl or the equivalent) and Dillon and/or Brown miss any time because of injury, he will definitely say "we could have had a special season if it weren't for the injuries."

Anything short of an ACC title game berth this year should lead to dismissal in my opinion. Clown show got to go.

Edward Griffith said...

Another 7-6 Jettison him from "The Heights" Tom O'Brien had a good career "FOR BOSTON"
JAGS was doing well till FLOP canned him , Al Skinner and Cathy Inglese.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Addazio makes a ton of money and is the highest paid employee at BC by a wide margin. So expectations are always going to be high and excuses thin for all these millionaire head coaches. I have mixed feelings as to his performance to date other than he has been a major improvement over his predecessor (which I know isn't saying much). I hope stuff like this makes him get up a little earlier each day and go home a little later. I'd like to see him succeed.

NYCEagle said...

I’m as big a critic of Daz as the next guy, but this will likely be his deepest team talent wise that he’s ever coached. This is an 8 or 9 win team on paper. If they underachieve he’ll be gone. But let’s wait to play the games before we fire him

bceagle91 said...

7-6 with what's often a pathetic out of conference schedule has been the norm. We'll see what happens, but if we go to another toilet bowl with this schedule, he's got to go.

The Tall One said...

...what NYCEagle said.

He has a solid QB (assuming Brown is 100% healthy and ready to go), and he's got an absolute beast at RB. Hopefully a stud receiver is there to keep the run/pass threat viable and defenses off-balance.

Defensively, the team looks consistent and should give BC a chance to win each game on the schedule - granted - some games are going to be a lot easier than others.

Daz has come out and acknowledged that he has to be better than 7-6 this season and I think we all agree. If he can't go higher than 7 wins with this team, then he needs to go. He can be thanked for rebuilding the team, but let go because we need the coach who can take what's been built and bring BC to the next level.

Jarmond had a solid first year ingratiating himself into the community and making the changes where he could. And I think he really has set this up well for 2018 as Daz's make or break year.

TheFive said...

Tough back end of the schedule. But we should be very good, and we will finally have the team that Daz says he wants to have. The running game with this line is going to get tougher to stop as the game goes on.

But we are still built to win close games, and coached not to win those games. That's the contradiction that Daz embodies. So, we shall see.

I do want to dissent from those who are saying that if Daz is 7-6 again, he'll be gone. There is ZERO chance he gets fired this year, short of a 2 or 3-win season. He's going to be here for awhile, as long as results are passable. Any other impression is belied by history and even the most cursory understanding of the institution that Fr. Leahy runs.

Lenny Sienko said...

DAZ should have been gone last year. That he is still here is a testament to BC's embrace of athletic mediocrity under Fr. Leahy.

Paul P.'s loss will be felt on the d-line skills and as a stabilizing influence on coaching staff.

DAZ cannot coach on game day. Each end of the first half and beginning of the 2nd half offer the opportunity for DAZaster.

Please let him go and get someone who has an offense which can't be guessed by everyone watching.

We aren't U Florida...Tebow is playing minor league baseball for the aptly-named "Rumble Ponies"...and Aaron Hernandez is long dead.

mod34b said...

Daz has a losing record in the ACC. (14-26). And has never had a winning ACC record

Daz’s ACC record is worse than Spaz (13-19). Spaz had a season with a winning ACC record.

Both Daz and Spaz have overall BC records below .500

The last time BC had consecutive sub .500 coaches was over a century ago.

Daz sucks. Face it he is as bad or worse then hapless Spaz.

mod34b said...

Mouse (jarmond) is bad too. A guy who stays in the shadows , quietly.

JBQ said...

The "proof is in the pudding". If he wins 5.5 as predicted, then he will be gone. He is now into his three year extension. All the pieces are there to win 9. As stated, the tone will be set with @Wake, Temple, and at Purdue. If he goes one for three, then "the die is cast". His fate will be sealed.---Let's hope for the best. If he runs his running back into the ground as is probable, then he will be responsible for his own fate. If Matt Ryan was on his squad, we wouldn't be hearing about a 100 million dollar guaranteed contract. We would be hearing of a tall, skinny, former BC qb who was just cut by the Hamilton Tiger Cats. This is year six of a horrid nightmare blessed by a "turned around collar" who lives in a penthouse.

downtown_resident said...

Daz returned this season on the belief that last year's 5-1 finish (not counting the bowl game) was not an aberration. OK, so now go and prove it. There are no excuses left at this point and he should be gone with anything less than a nine-win season, or maybe, maybe an eight-win season that included a victory over a top-10 opponent like Clemson.

knucklehead said...
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knucklehead said...

I cannot wait to see Dazzler flub up the first two games. A normal person would run Dillon, pass to Sweeny/White, take a 30 point lead into the 4th quarter and sit everyone. Mark my words he plays third stringers in the 2nd and third quarters sits Dillon and then needs him again later in the game when he is cold sitting on the bench getting his back rubbed by Matt McDonald.

We will win 8-9 games this season but I cannot wait to see him mismanage, for $2.5 million, Dillon and Brown.

downtown_resident said...

By the way, it's a huge disappointment if we can't beat Wake with Hinton missing the game. His absence moves that game from a coin-flip to a should-win, and BC's got to get it done.

Guido said...

BC has some fine talent this year and if Brown and Dillon stay healthy, they should win 9 games! If they only win 7 , then Addazio MUST go - period . With Zach Allen leading the way , the D should excel - he is a future 1st round pick in the NFL draft . So many weapons, O- line led by Petrula - nuff said - no excuses this year unless Addazio blows some games !

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