Monday, July 23, 2018

ACC Media not as excited as some national pundits

Phil Steele thinks BC is a Top 25 team. The football media that watches all the ACC are not as optimistic. They voted BC 4th in the Atlantic Division. While none of this matters right now, I actually trust Steele over the collective wisdom of the ACC folks.

While they have access to Addazio and have to keep tabs on BC, most of the ACC media members are not paying attention to BC. They are in other markets and for many, BC is just a weird fit. We've had some nice moments, but for most there is no reason to expect more than 7-6, which sounds 4th place-ish. Steele, on the other hand, has formulas and stats that he leans on. So if his stats say BC is experienced in XYZ or did this or that well or has an easier schedule than perceived, he can run with it. Steele's metrics are not perfect and he often points out when they went wrong. But being different and occasionally picking a surprise team is how he built his name.

Truthfully, if I had been at the Media Days and voted, I would probably have selected BC 2nd in the division. I don't trust Addazio nor do I think this team is great, but I think it is a down year for the division and all the teams have flaws and question marks.


kabeesha said...
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Georgia Eagle said...

Thank you ATL for finally showing leadership and removing the above scammer.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

All this preseason crystal balling is just filler and irrelevant. We have some very good players and a promising team. Hope springs eternal and we need to make our luck and just play. The QB spot is critical and hope AB's legs are in good shape - he's a quality athletic kid with a ton of potential as long as his body cooperates. Loeffler will have him ready but needs a back up who is just as ready. I think the program is pretty solid overall and seems to be at a competitive level for the conference. The biggest question is the kicking game as nobody can accomplish much with consistently shitty field position. There are some new faces there and let's hope they are decent. In any event - can't wait to get out of these summer baseball doldrums and get to football season!

mod34b said...

We have a lot of potential this year. As Nap said,the key is AB. - his health/durability, plays called that use his talent , his shiftiness.

If AB can make plays outside the box, it will loosen up the Stuffed Box waiting for Dillon and create room for monster runs!!!

Could be a real fun season.

But 2 things that Turn close games into losses and 9 wins into 7 wins are -1. Poor coaching. And 2. Significantly lower talent/lack of depth.

These are two big issues for BC. Let’s take a 3 point lead into 4Q and hold it against the big boys.

Go Eagles!

NYCEagle said...

Dillon named preseason ACC POY

Unknown said...

Maybe Phil Steele doesn't know who the coach is?

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