Monday, July 02, 2018

Denis makes Sporting News 1st All America list

BC's most recognized DB picked up another honor as the Sporting News named him to its preseason All America list. The preseason lists are very important because there is momentum and awareness to these awards. The voters don't watch every game. So for positions like DBs, where they are only paying attention to the biggest names, the remainder of the ballot is often filled with guys who were on the preseason list (assuming they had a statistically strong season).

Denis' big stats are at risk given the turnover in the secondary. He will be getting tougher assignments and probably won't have as many INT opportunities. However, with all the hype, if he has a good season, he will be swimming in national accolades.


JBQ said...

Congratulations to Lukas and hopefully this will lead to a successful season.

John said...

Yes, great job, Lucas!

We certainly have potential this year and there is reason for optimism. Just look through our roster.

Go BC.