Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Everyone is talking about the Field House

It was a big day for BC's newest facility. They announced the name and gave the media a tour. What we've been calling the indoor practice facility is now officially the Fish Field House in honor of former BOT Chair John Fish.

We've known and followed the Field House for a long time, but the official unveiling is a nice gesture. Anything that gets people talking about BC Football in a positive light helps. Jarmond and Addazio referenced that this will also be used for other sports (so that this is about more than football). It does represent a commitment to winning and finally catches BC up with most of the P5 teams.

What I find disheartening is some BC fans criticizing the facility. While you can question the value or long-term importance of major college sports, you can't argue with what BC did here. They funded this without major debt and without leaning on current student revenues to offset the cost. If we are going to ask BC students to compete in major sports, we need to give them the resources to compete. Based purely on wanting the best for our current BC students, it is no different than investing in state of the art classrooms or dorms or whatever.

There will always be something new that BC needs. At this point the campus is always under construction and college sports are in an arms race. A Conte renovation and an upgrade to the basketball facilities are probably next. But for now it is nice to enjoy our shiny new building.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

Why would any "fan" be criticizing the facility? They like the bubble better? It looks fantastic and was an essential investment for an ACC program. Once the new Rec center is completed and Flynn comes down - they need to get on with building a first class student center to replace McElroy.

BarraCuda said...

John Fish? I had hoped it was named after Abe Vigoda.

Knucklehead said...

It is absolutely sick. They had it lit up last night.

Just Fish. It could be a BarraCuda for all you know. BarraCuda field house brought to you by

Knucklehead said...

In regards to the post, 100% agree. This was not done to the detriment of another part of the University. In fact it was done in tandem with the student athletic center. The cost. Nothing. Paid for by donors and the rest backed by a 2.5 billion endowment.

Been seeing alot of negative comments about how TA's are underpaid and medical insurance costs. If the markets for those products change then the salaries and costs will change.

Boston College and it's alumni have done well if they want a Mercedes then they can buy a Mercedes.

Good for the school and the economy.

Next mission is to continue to hire upper level professors and improve the overall ranking of the undergraduate a&s program, law school and business school.

Follow the path of the Finance department. New full-time professors from Stanford and Chicago.