Saturday, September 01, 2018

BC stomps UMass

It started off a little closer than you like but BC turned it on in the second quarter and never looked back. Great day for AB and everyone else did what they were supposed to do.

More to come tonight and grades up Sunday.


working rich said...

Looked good but have to look even better against a team like UMass.
Next week, they should plan to play perfectly and up their games.
Little mistakes would be devastating against the Big Boys.
Yes, good
But I want better.

Matt said...

We looked good. Not perfect but very good.

mod34b said...
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JBQ said...

It is all about the legacy of BC. If the Daz can do it, good for him and best wishes for his success. Nevertheless, I do not like the Dazzler but still wish him well. It is a long season. At Wake and at Purdue will tell the tale of the season. As the song goes, "till then". I have the torches ready. All that it takes is a match.

John said...

Good win - could have been much worse for UMass.

Next week will be another - then the season begins.

Sweeney and Garrison = 0 catches, I think.

What happened to Baker? Jimmy Martin?


Erik said...

AB threw behind receivers crossing or going to flats. Too often. Hopefully that gets resolved. Mostly good today.

ccw said...

You guys are ridiculous. When is the last time we scored 40 points in a half? I don't care if we're playing our sister of the poor. We've played garbage teams and struggled to score 30. I've been to these games against poor competition and this was light years better.

And Brown was money today. A couple placement misses but he hit big ones - the ones he kept missing last year.

I can't stand Addazio. But this was a terrific performance - especially on offense.

STL_eagle said...

Good start. Should be repeat performance next week. Wake will be first test and best indication of potential for the season.

BCAlum2000 said...

Yes, lets not try to find issues. They destroyed UMass. THe final score was not at all indicative. By the 4Q BC was literally playing 3rd stringers. They could have put up 80+ if they wanted to.

Great start. Move on to cupcake #2 ...

John said...

Attendance was 30,000 - about what was expected for a long holiday weekend game against UMass.

Next week against Holy Cross? I have no idea.

But thereafter, I hope we reach the 40,000 level with sellouts against Miami.and Clemson.

And if Dungey is still healthy for Syracuse, I hopw we fill the stadium up for that as well.

Go BC.

Tim said...

In 2015 we beat Howard 76-0. Then we went 3-9 that year, including 0-8 in the ACC.

The season starts next Thursday against Wake.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Playing Holy Cross will be worthless - not a fair fight or even a good scrimmage. Just a feeble attempt to generate interest in the program when we were at our lowest point. Have no idea what HC could have possibly been thinking. Anyway - glad we met expectations against a bad UMass team. Our team should be more focused and up for the ACC part of the schedule.

bceagle91 said...

Daz is probably trying to schedule Duquesne down the road.

Bravesbill said...

What was up with the poached tds?

Shabby1011 said...

Thought it was a good crowd for Labor Day. In second quarter entire lower bowl was full and middle uppers pretty full. Very good showing by students, must be legit buzz on campus

Honestly think this is a perfect BC schedule. Two regional games to get prepared for the season. A Northeast non Power 5 non conference opponent and a similar Power 5 non conference.

In case anyone hasn’t looked at the schedule BC play Miami, VT Clemson and FSU in a row. Might be the toughest stretch of anyone in the country. So for any non thinking people we don’t need to be playing Ohio State to open the season. So so stupid to criticize the schedule

BC has a good team and they won the game the way they should have won it. Was very impressive on both sides of the ball. Brown looked great and thought Perry looked great as well and nice to see him get meaningful snaps early in 3rd quarter.

Hope to see BC really stick it to the joke that is Holy Cross and then the season begins. Watching Wake and Purdue and seeing Temple lose to Nova BC has legitimate chance to start 5-0 going into NC State.

Going to be a fun year

Unknown said...

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