Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday picks

Last week I went heavy on the road teams. This week is more about the home teams. Let's hope I am trending in the right way.

Rutgers+2.5 at Kansas

Hawaii+7 at Army

Florida State-3.5 at Syracuse

Tulane-4 at UAB

Duke+5 at Baylor

Boise State+2 at Oklahoma State

Ohio+5 at Virginia

Oregon State+4 at Nevada

Mizzou-6 at Purdue

UMass+4 at FIU

I am 6-14 on the season.


CT said...

Look at that Hawaii flight. Yikes. They left last week.

mod34b said...
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Knucklehead said...


Josephine Cleary said...

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2009alum said...

Florida State looks horrible. 0-23 vs Syracuse? Syracuse may be improved but FSU has imploded. Fade them until they show they can do anything.

John said...

Temple squashed Maryland, which beat Texas!

John said...

ND holds off Vanderbilt; Irish punter averaged 59.6 yards per punt for 5 punts.

Go Wake Forest next week. ND looking forward to Stanford in 2 weeks.