Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Which FCS teams should BC play?

One of the common complaints about our schedule is the annual FCS game. Because we are facing a smaller school from a lower division, there is rarely excitement. It is nearly a no win for BC, since the payday is minimal, ticket sales are usually low and there is no respect for the opponent. But these games are not going away. Every college program plays them. Until either TV or the playoff system demands that teams stop playing FCS, these games will continue. While I am all for BC being a leader in college sports, I don't want them to take a stand on this issue. The games might be boring, but they do help us prepare for the season. Even prior to playing FCS schools, BC would schedule a winnable game like this.

If these games aren't going away, then what should the philosophy be in scheduling them? In the past I've been very clear that the games should be either against Catholic schools or New England schools. (Note that BC can't schedule non-scholarship teams like the Ivy League.) Here is that list:

-- Central Connecticut State
-- Bryant
-- Sacred Heart
-- Holy Cross
-- New Hampshire
-- Maine
-- University of San Diego
-- Georgetown (once they add scholarships)
-- Dayton
-- Duquesne
-- Saint Francis
-- Villanova
-- Rhode Island
-- Fordham
-- Bryant
-- Incarnate Word

Now we've played plenty of FCS schools that don't fall into this geographic or cultural territory (like Wagner just a few years ago). And while I understand that schedule is sometimes a game of musical chairs, there is no reason BC should need to schedule beyond this list. Maybe I could see regularly including New York and New Jersey teams, but those become a little harder to justify. I don't want to reach and schedule FCS powers. There is no upside in doing that.

An AD and Football coach shouldn't get in the habit of having to rationalize their schedules, but the Catholic/New England focus is a good talking point. Unless someone has a better philosophy, I suggest we keep the FCS scheduling to those teams.


Tim said...

Just schedule UMass every year. It’s a winnable game against an in state rival. The “away” game at Gillette is a treat for BC fans.

mod34b said...

1. lets drop all FCS games
2. if we must, let's ahve FCS games in BC's better recruiting territories - Ohio, Pa, NJ, MD, FL

mod34b said...
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Tim said...

I know UMass is not FCS, my point is that they are as beatable as an FCS so I would schedule them instead of one of those horrible FCS teams that ATL listed.

BCAlum2000 said...

I am ok playing a team like Maine (i.e. decent FCS) or schools like UMass and UConn (i.e. bad FBS schools), or both for that matter. I think the objection with Holy Cross is that they are literally on par with Howard. If you recall, that game had to be shortened because there was a very real chance that BC would score 100+ (even with 2nd and 3rd stringers) and that guys on that team would get seriously hurt. This is a pointless sacrifice. I actually believe that there are high school teams in the FL, TX or CA that could beat Holy Cross.

Unknown said...

Ya, but what about Bryant?

M said...

Bill, I get Catholic angle, but why New England? Worcester, Maine & NH don't do much for Alumni engagement or football recruiting. NY area has many alums, $$ and the families of NJ players. Playing around NY, FL or even Bay Area checks more boxes than playing Maine. I'd also replace UMass w a service academy. Much more interesting.

Gerry said...

In regards to scheduling service academies, it is virtually impossible to schedule either Navy or Air Force. Navy's schedule is basically set in stone every year: eight AAC games, FCS, Army, Air Force, and Notre Dame. Air Force is tied to eight MWC games, FCS, Army, and Navy, leaving only one spot. Army is independent, but in recent years they have taken a more national approach to scheduling with games in California, Texas, Hawaii, etc. Army generally has one major power on the road, one low to mid FBS, two FCS, Navy, Air Force, and six G5 teams.

working rich said...

Rutgers, even if in the Big 10, is a good rival.
like BC usually on the fringe of big time but recruits from the same area.

I know you are chatting about FCS but better to play BYU and other teams that matter.

Gerry said...

BC should schedule teams like Tulane, Rice, SMU, etc. These would be games against low level G5 opponents in recruiting hotbeds, and are similar schools to BC. Of course, unlike FCS games, BC will have to play these opponents on the road as well which is why the FCS opponent will be on the schedule for most years. Ironically, SMU kind of "owes" BC a game in Chestnut Hill. The two teams scheduled a home and home series in the mid-80's. The first game was played in Dallas, but the return trip was canceled when SMU got hit with the death penalty.

Matt said...

There’s no requirement to play FCS teams. A lot of Power 5 teams play FCS but not all. We didn’t play any FCS last year. I’m not saying we should have a loaded schedule, but instead include each year teams from the bottom of the FBS that would still draw some interest as another poster mentioned. I like the idea of playing UConn and UMass each year.

chicagofire1871 said...

BC should work harder to develop our budding rivalry with Weber State. The state of Weber is also a recruiting hotbed for us.

Erik said...

Based on my own personal connections, there will be lots of Holy Cross alums at the game this weekend. I'd schedule them as often as allowed. We'll take their revenue for tickets and concessions anytime over 50 players' parents from a non-New England school. It's a win, there is history, and while I don't know the economics of the industry we can probably pay HC less since there's no flights or hotels.

Lenny Sienko said...

I'd love to see Army back on the schedule, especially when the game is at West Point. There is no more beautiful setting for a college football game than Fall at West Point.

Its driving distance for our NY and NJ alumni...the Cadets put on a great show...e.g.; sky diving into the stadium with the game ball...

Their offense is one we don't see very often and they are a threat for an upset.

BC always played the service academies and had a fine time doing it.

Seamus Folan said...

Also for the list - University of San Diego (Jesuit).

Edward Griffith said...

How about scheduling Rice and Vanderbilt two fine schools regularly also San Diego St ?

Edward Griffith said...

Also Indiana. Jesuit schools in WCC U Sanfrancisco , Loyola Marymount ,Santa Clara,
Gonaga all non-football San Diego Catholic but not Jesuit