Thursday, October 11, 2018

BC-Louisville preview

Last year's Louisville game was a turning point. The offense exploded with Dillon and became an exciting team in the second half of the season. Although the problems are different, BC could use another turnaround this week. Louisville is also desperate after getting run over by Georgia Tech. This is probably a must win for both teams.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Since we are playing Louisville, it is a good time to mention the college basketball world is glued to the bribery trial going on in New York. Louisville has been in the spotlight for the issue, but plenty of other major and mid-major programs are involved. I am for paying the players, so hopefully this will lead to that. BC has not been mentioned yet with any of these bag men, but former BC assistant Preston Murphy has been. I don't know how I will feel if (or when) it is revealed that BC was part of this mess too.

Three Simple Keys
1. Use Brown in the run game.
It will work...especially if Dillon returns. No one respects it nor expects it. I know the injury risk is real, but having him keep it three or four times on the zone read will open up plays all over the field. 
2. Keep running. I know I am the only BC blogger or fan advocating for more runs, but this week it will work. Even if Louisville made some adjustments from last week, they are still not a good run D. BC needs to pound it and not look back.
3. Better tackling. I've been harping on this all season. I don't know what the problem is, but it has got to get better soon.

Gambling Notes
-- Addazio is 15-27 in ACC play
-- Louisville is 3-2 at Alumni
-- Addazio is 15-15 following a loss while at BC
The current line is BC-13.5

This is the first time that BC has been favored in this matchup since Louisville joined the ACC.

Scoreboard Watching
Future opponent Miami heads to UVA this weekend. When the schedule came out, I thought a Friday night game against the Canes might be our chance to make a statement. But right now Miami looks pretty good. They will be favored vs BC. Let's see how they do against Virginia.

I hope to see...
Game changing plays in Special Teams. How exciting was the punt block last week? I know it can be a crap shoot, but I don't know why we've never gone all in on Special Teams like say Virginia Tech. It would seem to be an area where we could make a difference.

BC is in trouble if...
The offense is stagnant again. We can't have another 3-point half.

Does it all come down to Dillon? I don't think so. I think there was enough positives for the offense in the second half of the NC State game for BC to move the ball and score. I think they will overpower Louisville and it will be a comfortable and encouraging win.
Final Score: BC 31, Louisville 17


Edward Griffith said...

If DAZZO-Shits's best after 6 years is 7-5 ormeven 8-4 HE's GOTTA GO !!!!!!!!!!

Peter J. Carmichael or some other BC Grad some one could bring hope of 8 or 9 wins
on a regular basis as well as third ,fourth , fifth in the ACC.

bceagle91 said...

There's no way he goes at 8-4. Even 7-6 with another bowl loss, heck he's had 4 of those years already. 5-7 is another story.

JBQ said...

"Pay the players", I am for it. However, that means that you have to pay minor sports as well. Capitalism is great. Just ask Matt Ryan and his 150 million contract with 100 million guaranteed for five years.--- Nevertheless, the Jesuits are socialists and support the gay agenda with a Marxist pope. Now, tell me again how BC will support your view. That is why we have women's ice hockey and LAX.---Football generates the income. Players should receive a piece of the pie. Just how will you run it past the socialists?

Napolean Bonaparte said...

"Should" beat Louisville, VT, FSU. Miami has a good record but outside of LSU, hasn't played anyone - so doable. Clemson near impossible and Syracuse will be tough. Currently 4-2. "Should" wind up at 7-5 (which translates to 5-5). Next most likely is we pick up at least one win from Cuse or Miami and wind up 8-4 (or 6-4). Underwhelming considering Daz's tenure and pre season expectations. And if we lose any of the first three games mentioned - it could be very unbeautiful. VT and FSU will be tougher than expected. Hope Dillon's injury doesn't become an excuse.

Big Jack Krack said...

Pay them what, exactly?

How do you run it by the socialists? You crack me up.

How do you run it by the capitalists?

How do you run it by the Board of Trustees?

How do you run it by the fans? How do you run it by the faculty?

How do you run it by the guy who runs the rock 45 times a game, compared to the third string kicker?

Run it by the starters and then run it by the scout team. Run it by the seniors, and then run it by the freshmen.

How do you run it by Addazio, who plays favorites?

Pay the players? Yeah, give them the maximum that's allowed ($5,500 the last time I looked - not the $1,500 that BC gives - the lowest in P-5.)

But seriously - pay the players? Cut the sh!t. You don't run it by anybody.

Big Jack Krack said...

ATL's second viewing thoughts must have been after several glasses of Merlot, or Bud Light.

Here's the offense he gave a C

Pure excitement, like 7 "drives" for 30 plays in the first half for 105 yards.

7 plays for 44 yards [2:21],
5 plays for 13 yards [1:47],
4 plays for 4 yards [1:07] and FG,
3 plays for 3 yards [1:22],
3 plays for 7 yards [1:13]
5 plays for 28 yards [2:09]
and 3 plays for 6 yards [0:43]).

I don't care how bad Louisville "sucks", we'll lose if Addazio pulls the same bullshit.

The Head Coach is really getting under my skin with this 1950's offense, until it's too late.

Hey Steve - this is college football. Let the players play - and let them play to win the game. Duh!

If you don't do that, I am personally going to get as close to you as I can during the Clemson game - and I'm going to call you out. I didn't build a 5 day trip to Boston around that game to watch your horseshit play-calling - when you have the experienced, talented players to put points on the board against ACC teams.

Steve - Goon off! Slob off!

Let your coordinators coordinate, for crying out loud!

If there are 9 in the box, pass the ball. Duh! This isn'r rocket science! This isn't the Pythagorean Theorem!

Get off your ass, or get out of the way. On second thought, just get out of the way.

Go BC Players - beat Louisville. Since you're wearing Flutie-era throwbacks (with the Under Armour update - so they're not the real thing) do what he would do, Mr. Brown.

Tune your team in, get up to the line - AND CALL AN AUDIBLE! Call your own plays. You wouldn't call the same horseshit Addazio calls! Throw off the shackles on Homecoming!

Geezer eagle said...

You go, Big Jack! This asshole head coach is a total loser.

dixieagle said...

Way to go, BJK. Well put.

bceagle93 said...

To sum up what BJK is saying:

Clown show got to go.

Anonymous said...

We'll see how it goes. The good thing about being in the marching band is that I get to see the team play. The bad thing is that I get to see the team play.

Shabby1011 said...

Thanks for being part of Screaming Eagles. Great part of BC. We need to help you recruit some more members and get that growing again.

Quality is definitely still there but a bit short on quantity

Whose the lead recruiter for the band cause we need more bodies?!

NEDofSavinHill said...

You can always be civil. Disagree without being disagreeable. Criticism yes. Accosting others no.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

“You take any school in the country and take their best player off the field (and) see what that does to them,” said Addazio. “Especially if it is the quarterback or the running back which is at the epicenter of what they do.”

We have the talent but what do you expect when the epicenter falls apart? Will next year be beautiful - or will we be young again?

Knucklehead said...

Big game. Louisville is going run crossing routes around our LBs all day. Not sure what they have on defense.

LB is our weakness on the field defensively right now. We have about 8 LBs on the roster. It would be a shame if the younger ones were better than Strachan or Richardson and they were not playing because of seniority. Would be a damn shame because the LBs that are playing now are weak and slow. Except Betzler(spelling).

Knucklehead said...

To the post. College athletes are paid with tuition room and board. If they want cash then they can graduate and work. Or if tuition room and board is not enough, they all know it is, then they can forego college and work.

This is one of the topics in sports that I am most passionate about.

If you cannot see that paying cash to players is destroys the sport then why don't care about the trial. The trial shouldn't matter because the kids are getting what they deserve and the defendente shouldn't be called bagmen because all they are doing is paying the players you think deserve cash.

"They are breaking the current rules." So if they get rid of the cash for play rules and "bribery" to lure players into their school then it is ok to do it? Yes, legally. Not on principle. Principle is what matters or there is no moral character. Pathetic.

Purpose of college sports and the reason for the passion is that the teams represent the school people paid money to graduate from, made friends and spouses at and generally led them to a financially successful life. If the players are going to your school because you paid them more and not because they chose the Sam eexperience that you did then in completely diminishes the value of sports to the University from a "Civic/alumni" point of view.

JDK said...

Couldn't agree more with you BJK. Let's go Eagles and take down L'ville!

John said...

Need a Music Department. Also invite students from other Boston schools who might want to be in a band, maybe?

Edward Griffith said...

John FYI the BC marching band already does this any Boston school or nearby one are
welcomed by David Healey and the marching band.
What we need are something along the lines of the great football songs Penn State
Ohio State have.
We have one dynamite song "FOR BOSTON " which thrills me every time I hear it.

John said...

I also like Sweep Down the Field for Boston! Play it more than in the Pre Game - play it during the game.

And For Boston after a TD; Sweep Down the Field after the XP. Something like that. I'm serious

Bury Sweet Caroline as far as I'm concerned.

John said...

Rainy morning, high of 53 degrees. Have no fear, Addazio RRPP will put Fannie's in the seats for Homecoming.

Go BC Players - play like Flutie - i.e. play college football.

Open up the playbook - even if you call your own plays. The coaches have shown that they are not very good at it.

They script every play in the first half, regardless of what the opponent's defense shows - ridiculous.

My favorite is 4 DL, 3 LB and 2 DB cheating up - 9 in the box. Let's pound the rock, Steve. We're tougher than they are - let's play BC Football.

Yeah, well I've got news for you - the players, and fans want to play Flutie BC Football - with confidence and finesse.

Especially on Flutie Throwback Homecoming Day!

Go BC - throw off the Spaz-a-Daz shackles.

Knucklehead said...

Our toughness is overrated. NC State leveled us.

Spread is at -13. Louisville must be very bad.

Need this win. Cannot give them 7-14 points in the kicking/ coverage game.

Louisville will be ready for this game. We embarrassed the shit out of them last season.

Geezer eagle said...

Correct. The whole fricking world ( including Pee-wee football coaches) knows Dazoshit's predictable offense. What a putz !

BC 86 said...

Agree with Tony from yesterday, always shoulda , coulda, . make what ever switch you made after the gameplan to lay down against VT last year, and let go...GO. BC

working rich said...

You don’t have to pay the players
You can have the bowl games pay graduating seniors- provides an incentive to graduate.
If the bowl organizations pay, BC does not have to pay the femal soccer players.
BC isn’t paying, the music city bowl is writing the checks.

An idea

Edward Griffith said...

How about another free year of room , board , tuition and the same for two summer terms to
get degree.

Anonymous said...

The recruiters are the Section Leaders for the upcoming year, and we didn't have too much success with partner school members because apparently BC kids were getting kicked out of groups trying to recruit for band.

Bravesbill said...

Let’s make the correct call for the third week in a row and pick the Ville in an upset. Close but the BC kicking game will lose it.

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