Thursday, October 25, 2018

BC-Miami preview

The week off seemed longer than usual. There is a rhythm to the season and not playing -- especially when the rest of college football is playing -- feels like something is missing. I hope Addazio used the time well as this game begins an important stretch. If BC is going to be anything beyond 7-6 again, they need wins like this.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game) PART I
Each year it seems the criticism of the Red Bandana game grows. It is no longer strictly tied to the home game near September 11 and is now part of one of our premiere games and usually nationally televised. I understand the criticism and think the line between honoring and exploiting is very thin. However, BC has shown tremendous respect for the Crowther family and based on my experience, usually consults them on matters like this. If the Crowther family is ok with a night game in October, then who are we to complain?

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game) PART II
I doubt it will happen, but I hope with the new TV network and the punitive exit fees, the ACC reconsiders its divisions. The fact that BC only plays Miami a few times a decade is a missed opportunity. I am all for a division of former Big East schools and a division of traditional ACC schools and think most fanbases would agree. The only challenge would be which traditional ACC school gets put in with the former Big Easters to keep the divisions balanced. I usually advocate Virginia, but arguments could be made for Florida State or Georgia Tech. I know the politics of it all make it highly unlikely, but I hope someone at least raises the issue.

Three Simple Keys
1. Get the jet sweeps working again. I don't know why BC has gone away from it recently (Smith's health?), but they need to bring them back. Ideally for a big play, but also just to keep the 'Canes D honest. 
2. Contain whoever Miami has at QB. When Miami is doing well, they are making big gains off of broken plays and scrambles. The BC D can't let that happen.
3. Win on the OLine. Miami's D is still very formidable. BC needs to win upfront to keep the offense on track.

Gambling Notes
-- Miami leads the series 24-5
-- The road team has won the last two
-- Miami is 8-3 at Alumni
The current line is BC+3.5

Mark Richt is 0-1 vs BC

Scoreboard Watching
Clemson-FSU is big. If we want to win the division (seriously) then we need some help and someone has to give Clemson a loss.

I hope to see...
Another punt block. At this point Miami will be prepared, but the occasional block is the only hyper-aggressive thing Addazio does. Let's take another gamble this week.

BC is in trouble if...
They can't cover the RBs. Our linebackers have struggled in pass coverage so far this year. Look for Miami to keep it simple and try to hit short, easy passes out of the backfield. Our coverage and tackling has to be great.

I like this matchup for BC. Beyond the emotion, I think Miami's offense has issues and will have trouble scoring. As long as we don't help them out with by allowing a blocked punt or Pick 6, we should win a grind it out type of game.
Final Score: BC 28, Miami 21


bceagle93 said...

Weather should be chilly but will cooperate, no home Sox game, and a real chance to beat Miami with Dillon back -- this Red Bandanna game should be one of the more lively atmospheres we've had at Alumni in a while.

Will be interesting to see if half off salted pretzels brings all the boys to the yard before kickoff... #DecideToStuffYourFace

dietmrfizz said...

I agree, Crowther family should have final say.

It is also worth noting that most the kids currently at BC have no memory of 9/11.

dietmrfizz said...

Another thing: why don't we have a jet sweep package? We can run 10-15 plays off the jet sweep motion to keep defenses guessing.

Tim said...

Nice factoid. I went to that Music City Bowl game in 2001. BC’s first win over a ranked team in several years at that point. It was a very pro-Georgia crowd but William Green and company silenced them.

mod34b said...
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EL MIZ said...

Miami always travels well. i was on the Heights for the game against the U in '99, '03, and '07, and there were always a ton of Miami fans walking around talking smack. in '03 Vince Wilfork "hi-fived" me by the tunnel on his way in at the half and my hand stung for about an hour.

this feels a lot like the USC game back in '14 - nat'l TV game, "premiere" opponent not having a great year, BC with some offensive weapons to deploy. should be a lively crowd as that game was. watched the '14 USC game on the former Mod 8A DJ's phone at a BC wedding in Pittsburgh with about 25 other Eagles in attendance and recall Murphy's run to seal the deal - the pan to the crowd section with USC fans in shock was superb.

would be nice to see Dillon not get 30+ carries. Bailey has looked very good this year, and at this point Glines can be trusted for at least a couple of plays where he hits the holes right. let's let all the big dawgs eat - have Dillon take his normal 20 but strategically rest him throughout so he's constantly at full strength while working the other backs in, let Brown take some play action shots, let's play to win this game baby! i hope we bust out a trick play or two and catch the Canes sleeping.

a W gets us to 6 and would let a lot of those with the over 6.5 Wins for the season sleep a little easier at night.

go Eagles!

Knucklehead said...

We should win this game. If not we will be lucky to get 7 wins.

Knucklehead said...

Over 49.5 big time.

JBQ said...

Not only is the Miami D "very formidable", it is number two in the nation behind Michigan (remember Don Brown) which slipped ahead last week against Michigan State and has played one more game. Las Vegas does like the spread because of Hurricane quarterback instability. Nevertheless, BC is +3.5 which means that Miami is favored with BC being the dog. BC has something to prove. If they "lay an egg" under all of the emotion, then the balloon may flatten for the entire season. Until tomorrow then.

Eagle Esquire said...

I just flew up from Atlanta for the game. Any tips on parking? Is Maryanne’s a good spot to check out before the game?

John said...

Not to get ahead at all, but GTech just put up 28 points at VATech in the first half. The VATech QB looks good and they can score quickly, but with a little mixing it up, we should be able to score on them.

John said...

Georgia Tech - 7 rushing TDs against the Homies in Blacksburg with 6+ minutes to go

BC should be able to beat VATech.

But back to Miami.

Go BC - beat the Hurricanes - you can do it!

John said...

Hokies, gets auto corrected to Homies. Oh well.

STL_eagle said...

Eagle Esquire...avoid private side streets near campus. You will get towed. Best bet would be to get a parking pass in Beacon garage off stub hub. Brighton campus has parking and some decent tailgating. MaryAnn’s is the clear choice for the BC college dive bar experience. It is a bit of a walk but the stadium is within sight and walking distance. Cityside next door is more refined and serves decent food but also a good choice. Roggie’s just up the street is more of a sports bar atmosphere. These three are you best and closest bar options. Clearly there are many other bar options in Boston but these will give you the best BC atmosphere for game day.

Shabby1011 said...

Biggest game at Heights in years

Friday night prime time, Red Bandana, Dillon healthy

Make or break season, win and 8-9 win season possible (VT still long shot but they did not look good last night). Loss and the negativity will abound and Quick Lane bowl here we come!

Play action on first or second down please!!!

Go Eagles 🦅 🦅🦅

Geezer eagle said...

Can the team overcome Dazoshit's predictable play calling factor?

Knucklehead said...

Trying to turn Mary Anne's in to a pot shop. Get there while you can.

dietmrfizz said...

Mary Anne's is closed. End of an era.

dietmrfizz said...

Roggie's is also closed.

Goberry said...

Miami is in town and there was not a single word about it written in today’s Globe (Except for YV schedule). I guess that’s what happens when the guys who owns the Sox buys the Boston Globe.

Knucklehead said...

TGS gets autocorrected to STD. Which stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease and is also an accurate description of TGS.

Big Jack Krack said...

Ok Eagles - beat the Miami Hurricanes - here's how

Win the run game (by mixing up the plays - duh!)
Pressure the passer
Win the Turnover Battle
Dominate the Kicking Game
Manage the Energy (don't get so jacked up as to talk smack; make a late hit; doing things that draw a 15 yard penalty; manage your emotions - play with poise and control)
Win the Coaching Game - there I said it.

Go BC.

bceagle91 said...

BJK, I can see us winning the running game and the turnover battle. I can also see us not getting into a trash-talking contest (don't try that with Miami). Dominating the kicking game? BC? Win the coaching game? Richt has a lot of trouble winning the big one, but he wins the vast majority of the others.

Geezer eagle said...

Sox-Dodgers game tonight. The vast majority of New Englanders could care less about the BC-Miami game. Attitudes are entirely opposite here in the South. College football rules.

Big Jack Krack said...

bceagle91 - that was wishful thinking, of course. :-)

It's 6:30pm and there is no game thread yet.

I have this horrible thought that I will turn on the game at 7:00pm and the stands will be empty.

We have all been pointing to this game as a VERY BIG GAME for Boston College Football - and yet, it seems as though there is no buzz at all.

I hope I am wrong, and that the stadium will be rocking.

This blog is pretty dead heading into the kickoff.

Go BC.

Big Jack Krack said...

So I guess this will be the game thread.

Make the weather your friend, BC. They showed a quick peek at Alumni and Z
AJ Dillon in a tee shirt - maybe sending a message? :-)

Stands were completely empty.

If this game doesn't have at least 41,000, it's time to hold someone accountable.

You just can't assume that people and fans will show up. We have to recruit - recruit - recruit fans to come to games, and take seats early by providing them with not only winning football, but exciting college football at this high level.

And introducing out of the box "tailgate" or picnic gathering opportunities anywhere and everywhere on campus!!!!! Wake up, Boston College - Wake up!!!!!

Go BC - beat Miami.