Monday, October 22, 2018

Gametime set for Virginia Tech

The ACC announced the Virginia Tech game will be a 3:45 start in Blacksburg. It will be an ACC game, but might not have the same affiliates the game usually does. Because most of the bye weeks are over, things get a little more complicated for ACC scheduling in November. All teams are playing and there are fewer traditional time slots available, so the second Raycom game comes into play.

I don't mind. I am always glad when we avoid a night game in Blacksburg.


John said...

Let's get ready to rumble with Miami. We need news about AJ's status.

Go BC.

Geezer eagle said...

We need Dazoshit to catch the flu before the game.

NYCEagle said...

Looks like Dillon is practicing fully and will play. Hopefully he’s well rested and angry, ready to run over some defenders

JBQ said...

Mattie Ice stats last night against the NYG: 31-39, 379 yards. He is a throwing machine since Atlanta has no running backs and little defense because of injuries. His 47 yard td on the fly to Hall was absolutely beautiful. He threw it from the 45 and two yards into the end zone. That would be 57 yards on the fly.---Compare that to the Dazzler's offense. It is run, run, maybe pass. Brown throws about 15 yards at the top. His job is similar to the batting practice pitching machine. Hand it off. Hand it off. Hand it off. He cannot run because of injury. If BC is not careful, they will lose all five and finish 5-7 with no bowl game.---Holy Cross, UMass. Temple were all overwhelmed by AJ who is very good to be sure. Nevertheless, 9 man fronts will be thrown every ACC game with good defenses. Dazo has to open it up or we will have a new coach next season.