Tuesday, October 16, 2018

How will new transfer rules impact BC?

A major rule quietly changed the landscape of college football this week. Starting October 15, football players are allowed to transfer without a release from their current school. That player can still play for his current team and still be in the National Transfer database, so that the whole college football world knows who is available and a coach can recruit a player during the season. For example, if say Hamp Cheevers wanted to put his name out there, Alabama could contact him tomorrow and he could still play for BC next week. Because the rule is brand new and transfers are still risky and political, there wasn't a flood of database listings this week (see screenshot below). However, that will probably change. But how will this impact BC?

In Addizio's first four years, he had multiple grad transfers and they were helpful to the transition and rebuilding. Now that the roster is his, there are no significant transfers playing for BC. But I think something like this and the updated database might be a good tool for Addazio. As much as the Alabamas of the world will try to grab other team's players, Addazio proved pretty adapt at finding guys buried on the depth chart at other places who could play at BC. The more access and information to that talent, the better for BC. I also think BC sells well to transfers. If they've already been to a football factory, they've seen all the fancy facilities. A more mature recruit would see what BC is selling and find that more appealing.

The database is not open to the public, but I imagine that it is being monitored closely and any BC-related news will be now as soon as it happens.


Geezer eagle said...

I've always been baffled as to why an academically qualified 4-star kid would rather sit on the bench of a football factory like Georgia or Ohio State rather than start at a school such as BC.

Big Ern said...

I wouldn’t be surprised if Daz has never used a computer.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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Geezer eagle said...

Mod, these dudes want a pro career. Can't achieve that sitting on the bench. Go to class? Perish the thought.

mod34b said...
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CT said...

Enough with the "BC is tougher" talk. Georgia Tech makes the same excuses. Even after Paul Johnson has actually won the ACC, with the same standards and majors they have now as they did then. Industrial Sociology. Please tell me what that is at Tech. There are so many resources to help these kids get through ANY academic program. Duke...the same way. Stanford, anyone? Notre Dame.

Some majors at BC:

Environmental Geosciences: B.S.
Environmental Studies: B.A.
Film Studies: B.A.
Independent: B.A., B.S.
Islamic Civilization and Societies: B.A.
Sociology: B.A.
General Science: B.A., B.S.
Perspectives on Spanish America: B.A.
Managing for Social Impact and the Public Good (co-concentration)
Natural Sciences: B.A.
Social Sciences: B.A.
Theater: B.A.

On another topic, would you be all that suprised if Dillon pulled a Bosa/Fournette (to a lesser extent)/McCaffrey (to a lesser extent), and pushed this idea to sit for longer periods-maybe kids will be tempted to sit an entire year now...NFL teams would be okay with that because they have enough tape.

Dillon will be leaving after the 2019 season but has already had articles written about him that he was like Fournette in that NFL execs said he was ready for the league after his freshman year, perhaps even out of high school.

And now the ankle injury...what is he gaining by getting pounded Addazio style 30-35 times a game? He should be 25 max, especially since he is no factor in the "throw" game.

BC has the lowest stipend in DI football. I don't know...just sayin'...

CT said...

I think this is where we are trending, what with the general sentiment, correct or not, that the NCAA doesn't care about the kids playing football, the schools don't care, the coaches can leave at any time, etc...why wouldn't more kids do what Bosa is doing, apologize to your teammates, but tell the truth...this is a sound business decision which will protect his biggest asset (health) and preserve his earning capability.

Knucklehead said...

I don't remember all those shit majors when I was here as an undergrad. Especially the Independent bullshit. What is that?

Makes sense the rankings have declined.

mod34b said...
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Geezer eagle said...

Oh,oh. Here we go. The wrath of knucklehead is a cumin.

Knucklehead said...

The reason things are funny is because they are truthful. Idiot. I always win.

JBQ said...

Until the last couple of years, BC was always ranked 29th in US News and World Report. This was consistent. The latest was 34th.--- This is amazing for a school with no engineering program and no medical school albeit a very good nursing program. A school like SLU has both and yet is ranked 101 or so. I have never understood just why BC has never aspired to developing programs in both areas. They could pull a merger or too together and then have alternate campuses. Their ranking would skyrocket.--- One of the reasons that the rankings are tanking is that in a modern society, high academic aspirations are no longer wanted in an "instant coffee" generation. It is a known fact that applications soared after the Flutie phenomenon. You can just imagine what Spaz and Daz have done for academic recruiting.---Football players are more attracted to such as sports management or broadcasting. None of these guys are in pre law. Actually, BC could and probably should have an education major so that some of these "monsters of the midway" could go back to serve the communities from which they came. A rigorous P.E. program with Kinesiology is also not out of the question. From a sports perspective, BC is just too rigorous.---Rich Gunnel had high school coaching experience. Without being able to teach, just what kind of salary do you think that he had. It was next to nothing and he has a wife and family. I think that a little common sense is in order here. Leahy needs to revise the majors offered to football players. They can be rigorous but how about some common sense?

downtown_resident said...

BC is beginning an engineering program that is set to launch within the next 2-3 years.

BC has never cracked the top 30 in US News, although we were ranked number 30 in 2015, I believe. BC dropped from 32nd to 38th in this year's rankings, after US News modified its formula.

Look at Stanford and Northwestern-- the issue is not that BC is too difficult academically to recruit athletes. The issue is that we've hired mediocre to bad football coaches over the past decade.

mod34b said...
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CT said...

The US News methodology changed, as noted above. I read that they got rid of acceptance rates in their scoring and weighted Pell Grant recipients more heavily, which favors bigger state schools. It's part of the explanation as to why some California state schools have "caught up." Probably more social engineering from academia. Our new Engineering school is exciting news. That should help.

Joseph said...


Are you sure you attended BC?

The School of Ed has been in business for many, many years.


It is very well regarded throughout the education establishment.

TGS said...

Khead never went to ANY college, not there is anything wrong with that, but his crazy insistence that he A) graduated from BC and B) is now enrolled in a PhD there would be funny if not so pathetic.
He is a degenerate gambler living in his mom’s basement betting (and losing) his paper route money on crazy college football hunches.
He needs to get a woman, get a job and get a life.

Knucklehead said...

TGS you are infatuated with KHead and are and an imaginative drama queen.

Interesting how you believe I gamble but nothing else. You are a classic barstool sports douchebag.