Saturday, October 13, 2018

New uniforms, same issues as BC defeats Louisville

In this case, the final score doesn't tell the whole story. For most of the game, BC was either in a hole or letting Louisville hang around based on BC's own miscues and mistakes. But in the end, talent and focus prevailed. I keep hoping for a point when things get cleaned up, but maybe this team is just talented but sloppy. The win -- and the uniforms -- were nice. BC is positioned well for the second half of the season. 

I will have more Sunday and grades later in the week. 


Shabby1011 said...

The hard schedule narrative is a joke.

Miami stinks, flat out stinks. It’s a home game, red bandanna, if we lose Daz should be fired on the spot. Any narrative then a ass kicking is soft and ridiculous

VT could barely beat NC with a ton of luck. They stink

Clemson is mediocre and will not make playoff. We have them at home in Nov when it’s cold, we should compete

FSU is the worst football team in the ACC, worse then Ville. If BC loses, coaching staff should stay in FL

Cuse is the 2nd best team we face rest of year but it’s a home rivalry game so we should win

Anything less then 8-4 is a joke

Tim said...

Addazio is now 16-27 in ACC games.

JBQ said...

The blocked punt turned the game around. Till then, BC was on the ropes. If you watched the French school squeak past Pitt, it was Ian Book with a great long pass to a great big receiver which won it at the end. Book ran enough to keep the Pitt defense honest.---Evidently, AB can't run because they are worried about his knee. It is run, run, run and then put the defense on the field. ND also has a great Chinese field goal kicker. ND is not super but has a diversified team.---BC is one dimensional with a coach who has no imagination. There have been no trick plays, no reverses. It is all "run through a wall" until you sprain your ankle.---So. the fox has eluded the hounds once again. It is time once again to put away the torches. Daz will live to fight another day.

John said...

A lot of teams wish they won yesterday. I agree with Shabby that we can pull out a good season, because all but Clemson look winnable. Clemson could be a game if the weather is a factor (I'll be there, so I have mixed emotions about that ☺️)

Miami was a huge disappointment last night. I hope we take it to them and win going away - by 3 TDs.

Go BC - beat the U.

Anonymous said...

ND field goal kicker is from Milton Academy in MA. Not China.

Worst thing that happened yesterday was Miami losing to filthy Virgina. Miami will be hyped for us. If not good. We need the win.

Louisville was down 14-0 when the BC defender touched (I mean gently put his hands on) the Louisville receiver on an incomplete third down play. Petrino went fucking ballistic like Kavanaugh opposition ballistic on every ref on the field. Then he got his calls. Fumble by Glines 50/50. Refs were bitches yesterday and fixed the game last week(NON-whistle on the goaline and perpetual holding by NC State). Otherwise we are 6-1.

Anonymous said...

. . . Swofford is pissed order was restored and we beat the shit out of Wake Forest earlier in the year . . . the call went out to the refs. Probably.

John said...

I didn't see the two fumbles live, because IImissed much of the first half. Looking at Glines' fumble on my phone, it looked like he was down.

Did the Louisville player break the plane for a TD? I don't think so.

We were just a few plays from winning that game about 52 to 7.

KH is right about the officiating. It seems to me that BC gets the short end on a lot of calls.

We have a lot of concerns, but we also have much potential, as we know.

I'd like to see us get ahead of Miami, and then Addazio ball them into submission. But we need to use the full arsenal, instead of running into 9 in the box throughout the first quarter and first half.

Mix it up properly and kick their butts - BC owes Miami a shellacking. And if and when we get them down, do not - repeat - do not turtle up. Stick it to them and dance around in their faces!

Go BC - beat Miami in the spirit of Welles Remy Crowther!


Bravesbill said...

Knuckle, BC secondary commits PI every damn pass whether it’s called or not. Most of the time it’s blatant too.

JBQ said...

Justin Yoon from Wikipedia: Korean born in Ohio. His dad competed in the Olympics as a figure skater. His mother was a well known silent screen actress in Korea. He attended high school in Ma. ND reaches out for true diversity. BC looks for pseudo inclusion.

eagletix said...

OK, every game is winnable....but my eyes tell me that anyone with a serviceable QB and a little support can riddle the BC secondary. I'm today inclined to believe that BC may beat FSU, but lose the balance of the schedule, which of course assures Addazio will claim another good season but for the crippling loss of Dillon, which would have made all the difference. YAWN!!!

John said...

Yeah, but we lost one game with Dillon being out for 2 1/2 games. So Addazio will have to dig deeper.

Another good season, but for the crippling play calling. ☺️

John said...

FSU's last 5 games - Clemson, at NC State, at Notre Dame, BC, Florida.

Which one of those might they have a let down for?

Bravesbill said...

I can see BC losing every one of its remaining games. Don’t see them winning more than 2 which means we are right back to another 7 win season. Yay mediocrity!

Unknown said...

There's no way BC is winning more than 2 of the next 5 games. Remember Addazio is the coach and his record of ACC play (16-27) at BC dictates he only wins about 40 percent of games against conference opposition. There's nothing that indicates this is going to be any different against a tough back end of the schedule. Other teams will be able to tear up the BC D as others on here have already mentioned.

The scariest part of all this is that Addazio is going to be screaming for an extension after this season if they win 6 or 7. He'll claim it will have an impact on recruiting. Mediocrity shouldn't be accepted after year 6. Jarmond needs to show he has cojones and can this "dude" after the end of this season.

Geezer eagle said...

Cojones? Jarmond? He's turning out to be a don't rock-the- boat yes man. Reminds me of my army days. Kiss-ass and get promoted.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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John said...

I'm surprised by that extension - would have thought one more year to gauge Christian's trajectory performance.

Just doodling - I hate our attendance issues as much as anyone. But Clemson doesn't have the Bruins, who shuffled their Saturday schedule hosting Detroit to 3:00pm (18,000 fans) so as not to conflict with the ALCS at Fenway Park (38,000 fans) - with the same amount tonight, with what? 67,000 more in Foxborough; Harvard vs Holy Cross 10,000, etc.

There are many options in Boston, and over and above sports, of course - and so winning for BC is the most important thing in such a city. That's how we have to fill up the stadium, led by hard core "fanatics" who can get their friends and classmates to come to games - and be loud, etc.

Jarmond needs to announce another Capital Campaign - the Fill er Up Campaign. Or something like that.

BC Fans - Come home!

mod34b said...
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Shabby1011 said...

My take was a bit aggressive but point is there are wins to be had. You can say that’s BC is in trouble to get to 8 wins but I don’t see it.

BC should be favored in 3 if remaining 5 games. Miami is just not that good this year, FSU stinks and Cuse is similar to us but game is at Alumni.

Winning at Lane/VT is really tough so that will be a tough task and Clemson is very good but I like the possible weather factor and Clemson has lost a game to inferior opponent every year during this run

5-2, 2-1 is a good record and a bad half & some terrible officiating from being 6-1 (we are just going to toss out the Purdue game). The frustrating part is that like game yesterday that should have easily been 45-7 game and just too many mistakes. Fumbles, penalties, missed throws etc. Daz likes to point to these mistakes and say if we didn’t have these then game really isn’t close but instead of saying that they need to stop continually doing them.

Alumni should be fun in two weeks, crowd will be into it and Red Bandana game always has special meaning. Will be tough game but hope Dillon is back and BC cleans up these mistakes and puts together full 60 minute effort

Edward Griffith said...

UN-REAL Who was going to steal our mediocre at best Men's bb coach.
Leahy working hard to to kill BC sports . We've gone from the Heights with Father Monan
to some one out to obliterate football and men's bb.
I suspect a big mistake was made with women's bb we may have a real Winner with coach Mac,
Bring Chet Gladchuk and let's start winning again.

Bravesbill said...

Sadly I’ve got more confidence in Christian to turn things around than Daz at this point.

Knucklehead said...

Braves, the comment was about a specific situation. Don't know what you are grousing about. You sound like a little Petrino.