Friday, November 30, 2018

Addazio's update

Addazio gave a standard, post-season, pre-bowl media update Friday. Most of it is on guys getting healthy and using the bowl game practice. Towards the end he gets around to Loeffler's departure and the future of the offense. Here are some takeaways:

1. He reminded everyone that it is HIS offense. He did this when Day left and seemingly goes back to that theme anytime someone questions credit or ownership of the offense. He explained that it is collaborative, but that he sets the tone and philosophy.

2. He wants a QB/passing game guy. That seems pretty standard. Loeffler had QB responsibilities. It would make sense that his replacement does too.

3. He looks to the Rams as a model...and says BC has already been doing that. Copying the Rams is admirable. They're one of the most dynamic teams in any level of football. But the overlaps are not obvious. Yes, both teams use big, bruising backs as a centerpiece and both play uptempo. But The Rams passing game is much more aggressive with downfield throws.

If he is thinking Rams, there are plenty of names on the Rams staff who might be good fits as OC, including:
-- Shane Waldron. Numerous ties to the Boston area. Coached with UMass, Patriots and Notre Dame and was even a high school coach at BB&N.
-- Liam Coen. Former UMass QB. Coached all over New England FCS schools.
-- Jedd Fisch. No obvious ties to Addazio but has been an OC at the college and NFL level many, many times.
-- Zac Taylor. No obvious ties to Addazio, but has been involved in offense at the college and NFL level.

4. Loeffler will be part of bowl prep. Addazio didn't say Loeffler will be calling plays, but I think it is implied. Typically college coaches finish out their old season while prepping for their new job.


mod34b said...
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mod34b said...


Big Jack Krack said...

Good for you, Daz.

Enjoy the empty stadium.

Have fun in Detroit.

I'll catch up when I get back on the 13th.

But I won't be expecting anything - given the horse sh!t.

"I establish the identity here" "I set the framework" - you sure do. You the man!

Do me one favor - give AJ Dillon a chance to heal and strengthen that ankle - even if it takes until next August.

You ruined that guy's season, Addazio - and it was disgraceful on your part.

Please know this - when you stand at the podium in front of the cameras, everybody knows you're a bullsh!t artist - EVERYBODY.

Steve "Up the Giggy" Addazio

Anonymous said...

Whoa whoa. Mod again getting creepy with the fuck fuck addazio talk. Lots fucks and aholes for mod. Sounds like TGS might have got what he was after this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

And sucking too. You two went the whole 9.

Anonymous said...

And the Rams someone wrote something about the Rams here a couple weeks ago. Uh oh. Somebody here knows something.

Eagle Esquire said...

I’m just disgusted. I’d watch the attached video, but chances are I’ll be much dumber as a result. A cat can do a better job than Daz.

BCNavy89 said...

Ryan Day to be named OSU HC successor according to Yardbarker

Edward Griffith said...

The most exciting offense in pro football Is the New Orleans Saints O. C.Peter Carmichael(BC)



While the FAKE IRISH continue to soar.

bceagle91 said...

AB really hasn't developed. Addazio can bring in another QB/passing game guy but what good will it do if it's Addazio's offense anyway? Defensive coordinators must love getting ready for us.

I think Jarmond would need permission from Leahy to fire Addazio. BC owes Daz about $5 million over the next 2 years and I doubt Jarmond has the authority to commit that much money to pay someone to not coach here without the OK from College Road. If he gives Addazio an extension, he needs to pee in a cup.

Geezer eagle said...

Anyone joining me in boycotting the Toilet Bowl? Only Joey can spin something positive with Dazoshit returning.

CT said...

Sean McVay went to my high school (where he won the Georgia High School Player of the Year over Calvin Johnson, largely because he QB’d a state championship team). It has run the triple option for 35 years, so watching him innovate at the highest level is both incongruous and a testament to his ability to learn and develop new concepts (he played a little WR at Miami, OH).

I would say Daz can too, with a new hire, but the first thing one thinks of is age.

Old dogs and all...

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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JBQ said...

Is the guy delusional or what? The nerve of comparing the Eagles and Rams with Jared Goff and Anthony Brown. With all of the very good players leaving. the Dazzler could very easily be 3-9. ----Speaking of delusional, Leahy was intellectually seduced a long time ago by Donna Shalala who was president of Miami and who worked out a deal to bring BC into the ACC. Just recently, she won election to the U.S. House over a Cuban rightist who retired. She is far to the left of Attila the Nun politically and the Jesuits are right there with her.----Leahy has his leftist agenda and Addazio is only a pawn to be played with. The Mouse has no idea what is going on. His expertise is totally associated with spending his days working with Urban Meyer to set up future ten year schedules. What sold Leahy was the fact that his wife was a radical feminist dentist.----Who cares if BC wins or loses? It is all about political correctness. ND brought in a lawyer as AD. BC brought in a mouse.

BCballer said...

If he's comparing our passing game to 'The Rams', I'm guessing he meant URI?

Geezer eagle said...

Right on, JBQ. Joey will be outraged.

Anonymous said...

The mouse is catching on Mod. Good for you brothaaaaaa.

CT said...

This blog is a testament to the fact that BC was once a commuter school.

dixieagle said...

Watch it, CT. I was one of the last commuters. ;)

This video makes me want to tear my hair out and drink heavily. Daz is dumber than a box of rocks. We can expect more of the same mediocrity next year, if we're lucky, given the schedule.

knucklehead said...

Humorless prick. Yeah you CTeeeee.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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mod34b said...
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CT said...

Ur like a knucklehead. Put all ur comments in one post. Not multiple posts one minute after the other.

U could never get into BC after Flutie. And, nobody likes u. Even ur mother.

CT said...

Mod. You are the very epitome of a lack of self-awareness. You are a miserable person. And you are intolerable to everyone except your alter ego, who usually posts three minutes after you. You know so little, were you only more self-aware you would understand the axiom that better to have people think you a fool...

Knucklehead is, in all honesty, innocent by reason of insanity. Zero insight. Just repeats what I say weeks before. Mod is cluelessly repetitive. Hey, let me guess, why u mad bro? Right? Fire Daz? Right bro? Here let’s put it this terms you would understand.

1) Chance Mod makes a cogent comment: .1
2) non-developmentally challenged contributions to blog: .01
3) repetitive comments every 32 minutes: .97
4) exhibiting self-awareness: 0.0
5) criticizing by stealing Richard Sherman’s words: 1.0
6) fire Daz posts for three years straight: 1.0
7) ability to have one interesting thought per calendar year: 0.0

Looks like just over 3 wins. Mod, you can’t even blog in Detroit.

mod34b said...
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Napolean Bonaparte said...

Next year's OOC schedule - maybe a quarter of an inch more difficult than HC, UMass, Temple and Purdue. Of course, with our luck, Kansas will have the best team they've had in years but surely better than UMass. Rutgers probably a little better than Temple. ND tougher than Purdue. And Richmond surely better than Cross.

09/07 - Richmond
09/14 - Kansas
09/21 - at Rutgers
11/23 - at Notre Dame

Gerry said...

No way Rutgers is better than Temple except for the fact that game will be on the road where BC struggled this season. Temple was a very solid team this year, and if not for some awful officiating, they might have knocked off UCF. Temple was arguably BC's best win this season.

Knucklehead said...

Cannot handle the fact that this isn't his 3rd grade classroom where he rules and everyone sits still or he sends you to someone else for discipline.

I haven't read a cogent sports related comment from you ever. Your self aggrandizement is comical. Literally.

I call just about every game and the key situation that will arise in it every week accurately. You critique. Nothing more.

Big win for the Eagles over BU in hockey last night at BU. Will be interesting to see what happens tonight.

That Bentley game was scheduled the day after Thanksgiving in the same time slot where we have lost to Holy Cross and other second third rate programs before. That time slot should have been cancelled 10 years ago. It ruins the strength of schedule number which is helpful for getting into the tournament. Obviously we should but nothing gets done anywhere very well in the late afternoon the day after Thanksgiving.

The Rutgers comment was ridiculous. They are absolutely horrible. Make the two win BC team a few years ago look like the 85 Bears.

Geezer eagle said...

Knucklehead is right about Rutgers. If we are frustrated with BCs always the bridesmaid never the bride sports record, imagine being a Rutgers alumni. Just an absolutely atrocious program.

Texmexeagle said...

I'm pretty sure he mean the Jeff Fisher Rams

CvegasEagle said...

So Jarmond met with common alumni (peasants from Leahy’s standards) last night in Brooklyn. Not one thing mentioned about football for an hour. Disgrace!!

Edward Griffith said...

Rutgers pain is their problem it doesn't mitigate ours.

Brain dead Dazzo-Shit interested in a passing game . No matter the OC
turn the qbs over to Doug and Matt hopefully for two weeks with each as their schedules permit

Time for Leahy to move on after overseeing the downward spiral of football
men's and women's basketball. FRANK was great FATHER ATROCIOUS !!!!!!!!
Coach Mac has her work cut out to return to the HEIGHTS Cathy Inglese left it.
Ever wonder if FLOPPO , BATES were in cahoots with Spaz and Daz?

Edward Griffith said...

If you wish a much different outcome to BC and Cuse to the Dazzo=Shit one of this year

head for the youtube time machine and once again its Oct 2 , 1993

Glenn Foley (Cherry Hill East NJ) is at the controls TC is head coach and a much more
satisfying result awaits you.

Heights said...

Fellas, are we crushin it tonight???