Friday, November 23, 2018

Friday picks

Enjoy your family and the games.

Picks in bold

Baylor+5 at Texas Tech

Michigan-5 at Ohio State

Florida-7 at Florida State

Purdue-4 at Indiana

Pitt+4.5 at Miami

Arizona State-1.5 at Arizona

SMU-2.5 at Tulsa

Tennessee+3.5 at Vanderbilt

LSU+3.5 at Texas A&M

Utah State+3 at Boise State

Last week I was 5-5 once again. I am 62-57-3 on the season.

1 comment:

JBQ said...

Traditional rivalries all. I'm hoping that the game with Syracuse can develop some powerful history. Syracuse-Notre Dame is more of a rivalry than BC-Cuse. Now, Notre Dame will play BC about once very five years. Jarmond is a "schedule expert" from Ohio St. The future schedule is better but really lousy.