Saturday, November 10, 2018

Great day turns to frustrating night

It is already starting. If you read social media or message boards, some BC fans are vocally frustrated with BC coming up short in a big game again and think Addazio didn't do enough or play for the win. The Offense was frustrating to watch, but I don't know if things would have been drastically different with Anthony Brown. Clemson's DLine was that disruptive. Regardless of where you are on the QB debate, everyone has to acknowledge a great performance by the BC defense. They contained the hottest offense in college football and made plenty of big plays. The Special Teams also deserves credit for an early spark. 

We are not ready to challenge Clemson yet. That is clear. But if Addazio is a very good coach, he will still finish strong and figure out how to score potentially without Brown and with Dillon at less than 100%. 

There is a lot of good takeaways from Gameday and certain players and as always, lots of questions. 


CT said...

This team, at least defensively, played pretty well. They had a small chance with AB, no chance without him. That’s ok. Everything we wanted before the season started is still there. Go get it.

mod34b said...
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DCeagle said...

I'm a little surprised with how deep the negativity is running. Defense and ST played great. Brown going down so early was a major blow for offense. Clemson is a beast. BC was prepared you cant lose your QB in a game like this

Geezer eagle said...

Cudos to the defense. They played their hearts out. Clemson is simply a much better team and in the process of obliterating every ACC opponent.
Now win-out and go to a major bowl.

Shabby1011 said...

D played great and felt at the game their was a window open to take the game regardless of Brown injury and Daz didn’t go do it. That being said team played hard and tough, nothing to be ashamed of

With Perry need more zone read and let him run. Penalties killer them the few times on offense they had some successful plays, Walkers return, Perry to White reception, Dillon 1st down run.

What would be disappointing is if BC doesn’t regroup and win these last two. 9-3 is still great year (wish we could have another shot at NC State) and Cuse game in a lot of ways will be bigger game then last night

Hope Brown is okay and hope for a speedy recovery

TheFive said...

I’m no Daz fan but there’s nothing to be upset about. The D is hugely improved over the course of this year. A handful of the longer Clem throws were basically perfect execution.

The game was over when AB went down just as it would be for every team in the country playing Clem w a backup QB. What can you do? Perry looked like a 12 year old out there playing against an NFL front four.

My frustration is that Clem definitely did not call TO before the snap the play before AB was injured but they were gifted the TO anyway. That play never should have happened. Also the tackle that hurt AB would have been a definite flag in the NFL.

Tim said...


Boston College coach Steve Addazio said quarterback Anthony Brown is hospitalized with an "internal" injury (Addazio declined to elaborate). Running back AJ Dillon tweaked his ankle injury during the game. "He's nowhere near 100 percent," Addazio said. "He's just not."

rcmbc81 said...

Brown did nothing before he was injured. It's the play-calling that matters. Perry was no worse/different than Brown. To say losing AB was a factor is to look for an excuse.
No excuses. We lost bc Clemson is very, very good, and because Addazio's play-calling does not give us ANY chance against a good opponent.

BC-BC said...


It wasn’t a great game. Offensively I think there was room to be more aggressive, but Clemson is #2 for a reason. They’re better. What happened last night was supposed to happen.

You play to win, I get it, but remember at halftime we’re down just 6 points. Sometimes the best thing you can do is put your defense in a position to be successful.

We complain about AB, but I looked across the field at Lawrence (a generational talent), and he looked confused on many occasions (especially with the zone blitz pressure coming from our Secondary).

All I’m saying is, if you can’t be happy with a potential 9-3 year than I’m not sure what we can be happy with.

Our offense is suspect our defense is good our QB is shaky; sounds like most college football teams.

Beat cuse, beat FSU and you’re looking at the best season you’ve had in more than a decade.

eagle1331 said...

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this is the 4th time in our coach's tenure at Boston College that we have lost a starting quarterback, be it to injury or graduation, and the offense goes in to a hole without him. Either in year six Daz failed to recruit a capable QB on the sideline, or in year 6 Daz does not trust his backups to run an offense. Clemsons prolific offense is on their third QB this season. All of us are realistic about what was likely to happen yesterday. The defense was phenomenal. Special teams had their Great Moments. Once again, the coaching staff and play calling let us down. I feel bad for the kids. The coaches did not trust them to win the game. I'm more surprised by all the people drinking the Kool-Aid that things were going to be different because we have a couple more wins.

Knucklehead said...

Clemson will not/has not play/played a better defense than Boston College this season . . . When they play Alabama then it will be Alabama. The Clemson QB is good. He is nothing special right now. He was chucking the ball up all over the place and had more sacks and tipped passes in this game than he had all season. He is overrated right now. I was not impressed. He had to run more than usual because he had not idea what the defense was doing. Dabo had to use TO's to bail him out so the kid is not capable of reading a defense or audibling on his own. Again, the Clemson QB is OVERRRATED right now.

Special Teams was a disappointment giving up the kick return. Our return was good and a real nice bounce for us.

Like I said all week #42 needed to be attacked by BC and not defended. He was the key for me going in and made the play that locked this game into being a Clemson win. As usual I am correct.

Going forward. The ranking should stay in the top 25. Drop from 17-22. No QB and the final score was not a total embarrassment. The pick at the end of the overrated Clemson QB keeping it 27-7 was key for perception.

We have to win next week to have a good season. We are probably not going to beat Syracuse because they will push us around and we won't respond. That is the real criticism I have of Dazzler. His teams here at Boston College have taken a lot of shit on the field and in the news papers over the years(#42 insinuating in the Boston Globe this week that men go to Clemson and boys go to BC) and they don't respond.

Someone needs to get their asskicked by Boston College on the football field within the confines of the game to move on from this loss.

It better be Florida State next week.

bceagle93 said...

I think everyone was realistic going into this game: hope for a big win but expect to lose. Clemson is the real deal. A close loss and we could feel really good about the rest of the schedule. A blowout and it would make us wonder how real our season has been. An upset win: huge credit to the coaches for rising to the occasion.

We got somewhere in the middle. And the frustration everyone is showing is that this seems to be a consistent narrative with Daz. It’s not that we lost to a more talented team. It’s that our coaches on offense had no response to the adversity. You have nothing to lose — at least go down swinging. Defense did that this week. But our HC is an offense guy — no big adjustments at halftime to give them a chance.

To a casual fan it may be okay. But if you are looking to fill Alumni week after week, it ain’t going to cut it.

9-3 is not a slam dunk. If we get it, yes it will be better than any of us expected. But let’s assume AB is out for rest of season and an injured AJD will be a non-factor. How does Daz respond to the adversity? Can he coach these guys to win? Can HE be the dude? Can HE #DecideToFly?

Geezer eagle said...

Why does Dazoshit keep running an injured Dillon (He clearly is not the rb from last year) when we are so deep at rb? Dazoshit is a stubborn mule with zero ability to improvise and adapt.

BC fan since the 1960s said...

Defensive coordinator was the MVP - he had a great game plan against a team that seemed unstoppable. He turned what would have been a 55-7 game into a 27-7 game.

It is good to look forward and also look at things from a glass is half full perspective. Those taking this approach and are wondering about the negativity, however, should realize that it is all about coach and the play calling - not about the kids.

Time and again it's the same story. You can't run the same plays against a team like Clemson as you did against UMass even if Dillon was healthy. Deception is required if you are to stand any chance because if you play them straight up they will shut you down - they are better and more talented. Stop continually putting the QB in third and long situations when he has to throw, think about scrapping the no huddle to begin the second half (and take time off the clock) when you are down just 6 points and your defense has been on the field for three quarters of the game, don't run Dillon into the line for essentially no gain on the first two plays of the second half when you had the chance to take away the momentum.

I hope they go 9-3 but if it turns into 7-5 and that is what it takes to get a new coach in here then ending the season with three losses would certainly have a very bright silver lining.

BC-BC said...


Our offense should be more creative and aggressive. I think when you lack talent you have to manufacture points (I.e. not run it into the teeth of the defense).

But I temper my expectations a little. Having a great defense and a creative offense would be awesome.

But remember our great defensive coordinator is at Michigan making a million a year and our young promising offensive coordinator is at OSU. If we want to have a great offense and great defense, recruit top talent and groom them to the NFL, we also might need to have a different level of commitment to athletics in general.

I don’t mean to be preachy, but potentially 10 wins. Very few complaints here.

Geezer eagle said...

I also agree, BC Fan. You're spot on

bceagle93 said...

Yes, if 9-3 or 10-3 is the result. But the frustrating thing is we could just as likely end up 7-5 or 7-6.

Go look at Stanford’s record for the last 6 years. They are no football factory either. And then take into account that Daz is the highest paid employee at BC. We are simply not getting the ROI we should from this position.

Edward Griffith said...

TWO GREAT COLLEGE QUARTER BACKS are BC GUYS !!!!!! GIVE current QBS a week with each
of them. Should produce dramatic improvement. DOUG AND MATT !!!!!
BEAT FSU AND the CUSE ( it's our place JUST DO IT) and win a good bowl game 15-17
BC FAN since 1960's said could be a silver lining to three straight losses. NEW COACH !!!
Problem is the roadblock of the anti-athletic group of FATHER LEAHY and CO.

BC-BC said...

I actually think Stanford and BC are not as comparable as most assume.

Stanford is a globally recognized brand
Stanford has California as a recruiting bed
Stanford has great weather.
Stanford’s athletic department is the biggest in the nation (in terms of varsity sports I believe).

And at the end of the day, Stanford is happy with a 10 win season.

Better comparison is probably northwestern.

But I will say 7-5 is a real possibility. I’ll definitely give you that.

Knucklehead said...

The third down play calling on offense is horrendous. Don't remember seeming more third down throwing plays where the receiver is not past the line to gain. How many times are you going to call a three yard pass on a 3rd and 5?

bceagle93 said...

All very good points. And I think our fan base would happily settle for 8 or 9 wins on average given our conference. Daz has only done that once — his first season at Temple. Given our schedule and recruiting base, an adequate coach should be bowl eligible at BC every year. A good one coaches us to 8 wins regularly and gets victories against ranked teams. A great one finds a way to work with admin & lead the talent we attract to get us to 10 wins and regularly contend for ACC Champ. Which do we have?

Bravesbill said...

Daz completely turtled once AB went down. The only way BC has any chance to win was to make a few big plays on offense Once AB went down, Daz played to keep the game close, not to win. Perry is probably a better passer than AB but was given zero chance to do anything. And these passes short of the sticks on third down are driving me bat shit crazy. It doesn’t matter what the yardage to go is, it could be 10 yards or 3, but BC will always pass it two yards short of a first down. That’s completely on the coaches.

Tim said...

Florida State game will be 3:30 on ESPN2. Great chance to get a win.

mod34b said...
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mod34b said...

BC had the best defense of all ACC opponents vs Clemson

Off all ACC opponents, BC had the worst offense against Clemson in terms of first downs and total yards. And scoring too. (Offense was shut out and never even reached red zone (right?) ) I think the results would be the same if AB was not injured. (Hope it was not serious. Although it seems like it might be)?

Were was Lefty’s creativity. There were a few jet sweep. Type plays that Clemson easily shut down. Maybe the more creatives plays just did not work. Still BC offense should not be the worst of all ACC opponents.

Daz being Daz is what we say. As BB sets out.

bceagle91 said...

Obviously, 2 huge games remaining. We really should beat FSU, even down there. Let's hope the coaches don't let this loss linger. To paraphrase an old saying, "Don't let Clemson beat you twice." A win there gets us to 8, which is where a lot of thought the team would be at season's end.

Syracuse will be tough. With the game here and a lot on the line, the spotlight will be on Addazio. This game could be the difference between a good bowl game and another mediocre one. Daz's record in bowl games isn't great. If we beat FSU and lose the last two, we're 8-5. Good enough for yet another year of Daz, I'm sure. Sigh.

Geezer eagle said...

Beating a bad florida St team is imperative. Syracuse scares the shit out of me.

STL_eagle said...

Tough to lose AB at the start as I do think it threw the offense off rhythm but Clemson was the better team and would have kept them in check even if he did not get injured. That said, the defense played great and the game stayed interesting until the 4th quarter. Clemson has been destroying opponents of late and BC held their own.

I still bemoan the loss to NC State. That is the game we should have won not this one against Clemson. If BC can regroup and beat FSU they will once again be poised to have a good season and it will all come down to the game against Syracuse. I am hearing that many students are talking about coming back early from Thanksgiving Break for the game but BC needs to beat FSU first to rebuild excitement.

ORDEagle said...

Clemsons defense is really good. NFL future line lets their linebackers and db’s read and react - and they are fast enough to get where they need to be. There was a nice zone read in the third quarter, Perry made a good read, pulled the ball and turned up quickly in the hole. The safety was there to meet him from 12 yards off the line. There’s no one assigned to block that guy and in most games that’s a 6 to 10 yard gain. S was just that good. Hard to run 15 yard 3rd down routes against that pass rush. We tried some trick stuff and they blew it up with penetration and discipline. They had our WR doubled on the reverse pass. Sometimes you have to tip your hat to the opponent and move on to next week.

Heights said...

Change of Subject -

I love the retro uniforms; they should be the standard uni (maybe adjust the gold shade for pants/helmets).

Does anyone know how we can petition to have this done? Seems like AD Jarmond is leaning in this direction anyway.

mod34b said...
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JBQ said...

No apologies necessary. BC played a great game against a super quality opponent. Both Lawrences were fantastic. One is a 6 ft 6 qb and the other is a 6 ft 5, 350 lb, defensive lineman. The qb was contained but the lineman was not. You live and learn. Daz did well.---The only mistake that he maybe made was not to play Perry more in mop ups for just such an eventuality. That is "water over the bridge". Perry actually looked good and handled himself well.----You just take a deep breath and look to finish the season well and then go to a bowl.

Heights said...

Does anyone else like the retro uni's?

Would love to get a consensus from this entire group considering everyone's passion for the program.

bceagle93 said...

yes to retro uniforms — maybe slight tweaks to modernize a little like bigger numbers (current ones get bunched up and hard to read) and gold color, but overall like.

mod34b said...
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Edward Griffith said...

Our other MEDIOCRE HEAD COACH ,IN ADDITION TO DAZZO-SHIT, jim christian had his
basketballers over power St Francis of Brooklyn by 5. Looks great for ACC.

BUY THREE ONE WAY TICKETS for the two coaches and THE PROBLEM in Charge Father Leahy
and gt them off THE HEIGHTS.
HOW MANY CENTURIES does poor jim need to clean up FLOPPO's MESS in bb?

PutYourChuckieDukesUp said...

Question for anyone who was watching at home: on the play before Brown got hurt, did Clemson really get that time out in? From my point of view in the stands, it seemed like the D-Line was frantically trying to call at timeout before the snap, but I didn't hear a whistle until after the ball was snapped and the pass was completed (looked like it was going to potentially be a big gain). Was curious what actually happened there and what the announcers said. Also, on the fumbled punt that BC recovered: why was that play reviewed? What about it was reviewable. Don't think either play would have changed the outcome of the game, but wasn't clear in the stands what happened.

Lenny Sienko said...

I am concerned that Dillon was playing when he has not fully recovered from his injuries. He was a step slow getting off the ball and his ability to cut was definitely limited. There was no "oomph!" to his usual power running. Compare clips of him uninjured, bowling defensive players over, with his tentative running against Clemson.

Of course Clemson has a great defense; but Dillon was not at 100%. When he obviously re-injured himself in the 4th quarter, Dillon was caught on camera, limping off the field.

This would only be a side note; but it is indicative of DAZ's stubborn, inflexible approach. Instead of getting Levy ready to start, DAZ insisted on building a game plan around an injured player, incapable of performing at his best. DAZ's failure to recognize this is what drives loyal fans crazy.

Knucklehead said...

His name is Dazzler because he dazzles the folks with bullshit. Before the game he deadpans the TV person that Dillon is 100% then after then game he says the injury is a tough one that won't be ready until the bowl.

Knucklehead said...

. . . Very similar to how Mod communicates, nonsense.

dixieagle said...

I am continually mystified by play calling and coaching decisions. I think that playing an injured Dillon so much was stupid, especially with Levy and Glines available.

This team has heart and some real talent. The defense was great, and that's what kept us ranked this week.

A few weeks ago, I read a quote from someone who said that "BC has the talent to go 8-4 and the coaching to go 4-8." Thank God it won't be 4-8 this year; I'm hoping it's not 7-5, especially as I'm going to be at the FSU game next week.

BCEagles2014 said...

It’s easy to be negative following a loss, but take a look at Clemson’s SB nation site for some perspective. They’re gushing about how good our players, fans, and gameday experience are. It’s easy to get caught in our own bubbles and magnify our gripes with the program, but people are starting to notice what BC football is all about. Personally, yesterday was one of the best gameday experiences I’ve ever attended live.

Big Jack Krack said...

Chuckie Dukes - all the fans sitting around me in EE thought the refs blew that call. - the time out was called after the snap.

Lenny - right on, as usual.

I agree with the comments here. Being in attendance, I can report that it was not cold enough to have an effect. Playing an injured RB and planning your game around him for straight ahead power running against a superior defensive line - one of the two best in the country is simply mind-boggling.

We were proud of our players and their effort - but we were stupified by Addazio and Loeffler.

Hell, Addazio announced on Game Day what he was going to do - give it to AJ 30 times, and the other RBs 15 to 20 times. You can't make it up.

Clemson player - I'm a great defense, and I know exactly what you are going to do. May I lick my chops?

Wilkins put our QB in the hospital, for crying out loud. These guys were big, unbelievably fast for their size, and very strong.

To think we could win or even score the way Addazio designed it is ridiculous. To not give it the old college try and try to finesse the situation is what disturbed the fans the most.

Many will never return to the stadium until this changes. It's all on Addazio.

Thank you players - no thanks, Coach.

I'm not buying it. Keep throwing short on 3rd down; come roaring out of the tunnel for the second half, down by only six points and run it up the middle, leading to one of the quickest 3 and outs I have ever seen.

Oh, and continue to play the up tempo offense when you can't gain 2 yards.

All I can say is WOW!!!!!

Go BC Players - don't let Steve Addazio blow your final 2 games.

bceagle93 said...

That is great to hear. And coming from a visiting fan base that notoriously travels well (Clemson games have always been the most fun games at Alumni), that is really encouraging. Despite what some on here might think, I believe we have Martin Jaramond to thank for that. His energy and enthusiasm has upped our game big time. Getting Gameday here and the fan base stirred up is largely his doing. And yes our players are deserving of the attention. They work hard and play tough for 4 quarters every game. I met some of them at the Spring game and saw them on the field after the Miami win. It was really inspiring. What’s missing is a head coach that can take all of this great stuff and consistently execute. We’ve had it before and these guys deserve that. Once we get it again (or Daz somehow figures it out) “it will be beautiful.”

Bravesbill said...

Seemed like Dillon was pretty indecisive this game. Danced around and didn’t hit the holes hard. Can’t do that against Clemson with their speed at all. Don’t know how much his injury affected him.

Shabby1011 said...

Couple overall thoughts

1. Saturday was the best showcase of BC football and school possible ever. Gameday was great, tailgating atmosphere great and game atmosphere electric. Kudos to athletic staff, students and fans. Was a tremendous day all around.

2. To comment a question earlier, retros are great. Bring them back, just get the color back to gold instead of yellow and no stripe on helmet. MJ seems to have embraced the old school logo so maybe more to come there. Would be celebrated by alumni and fans.

3. Tailgating extra hour is significant. By 730 was itching to get into game prior to kickoff. Getting the extra hour to get in, park, set up and have some fun makes a world of difference. I would hope next year we get 4 hrs before every game and that would be good enough. Don’t need the hours after the game or maybe an hour after the noon starts but let’s find a way to do 4hrs before, huge difference. If they want people in the stadium when team runs out get the extra hour.

4. Overall thought team represented well, played hard and tough. Defensively couldn’t have played much better and special teams were also great. Out of halftime would have liked to see something from the toolbox to try to put points on the board. QB Lawrence 100% difference maker, if Bryant was still QB BC wins that game by 10 points

Knucklehead said...

People showed up and the experience was good because our team is competitive again.

Unknown said...

This is the difference between BC and real college football programs. BC and their fans come away from a 20 point home loss and try to justify it. Real programs and their fans aren't satisfied with that.

That is one of many reasons why BC will never be a top tier program.

Unknown said...

Remember when everyone was picking BC to win? That was classic.