Saturday, November 03, 2018

Levy sparks comeback at Lane

I always felt recruiting and talent accumulation was going to be Addazio's biggest strength. It paid off today as one of his backups -- Travis Levy -- made some huge runs to seal a critical win against Virginia Tech. With the win, BC now hosts Clemson for control of the division.

There were plenty of rocky moments in the first half, but the coaching staff and team deserve credit for rallying.

Now bring on Gameday!


ORDEagle said...

Exactly the kind of game we’ve been losing until this year.

mod34b said...


Good win.

Ugly first half and then - wait for it - half time adjustments. And then. -wait for it - desperation with AJ down

Levy answered the bell !

Great stuff

bceagle93 said...

Solid win. I am no fan of Daz as a HC, but credit him for recruiting depth at RB and for rallying these guys to turn this around in a tough environment for any team. Clemson easily brings the best fans to Alumni when they play there, so it should be primed for a big game atmosphere next week. If we get Gameday, no reason stadium should not be full at kickoff.

JBQ said...

Once again, give the "devil his due". Levy was great. If the staff does not figure out ABs throwing motion, Clemson will score 90. If AB stinks up the joint which he did in the first half, the Dazzler has to be willing to make a change. However with no experience for the backups, that is virtually impossible.---ND had a successful quarterback in Winbush. He wasn't good enough so they changed to Book. He has been spectacular. ---Flutie threw his spectacular pass as a sophomore in '84. Mattie got his start as a sophomore. If AB stinks throwing the ball as he did today and actually for the entire season, then Perry and McDonald need to be considered. Otherwise, Clemson will bomb them back into the Stone Age.

working rich said...

Black out in NJ on ACC network, when Alcorn State is on TV is crazy.
Doesn’t anyone at BC have influence over broadcasts ?

hsk said...

Verizon carried the game on 510

eagle96 said...

Go Bc

dixieagle said...

I take back, at least temporarily, the unpleasant things I said about Addazio in the first half. That said, Brown makes me very nervous. I can't imagine it will be pretty against Clemson.

TCinDC said...

Only chance against Clemson is for us to view every play as the most important play in the game. Would like to see a flicker or reverse on the first possession, on onside kick early in 1st half, fake punts. Everything. They are demolishing solid teams, as solid as us. To paraphrase Brad Pitt in Mineyball, “if we play like the Clemson Tigers in here, we will lose to the Clemson Tigers our there”. Let’s not fool ourselves. This is not ND winning by 2,3 touchdowns each game, they are anniolating teams.

Tim said...

GameDay officially coming to BC.

eagleboston said...

Some thoughts about the game:

1. I owe Addazio an apology. I turned on him the year we only won 2 games and I have been critical of him since. He actually made adjustments at the half and was aggressive. Passing on 1st down when his MO was to run three straight times into a 10 man box was impressive. That play sealed the game for BC.

2. He might have been too aggressive. Going for it on 4th and 2 on your own side of the field is not typically a wise move. He lucked out in this game but he needs to be smarter in the future.

3. Dillon had a solid running game. He is clearly banged up and the offense seemed to surge when Levy came in with fresh legs. I think Levy has been underused in his career. You don't have to run your future back 35 times. Run Dillon 25 and let the other backss sprinkle in a few carries. Levy was clearly the MVP for BC today.

4. Defense gave up a ton of yards, but they got the key turnover and made critical plaays at critical times. The last TD was aided by a BS personal foul.

5. Anthony Brown is not a good passer. This team would be unstoppable with a Flutie, Foley, Ryan or one of he Hasselbecks on the squad. But, he does not turn the ball over and is a game manager.

6. I actually had us losing the past 2 games so in my mind we are playing with house money. I don't think Brown is a good enough passer to keep up with Clemson, but we should win on the road versus Florida State and at home versus Syracuse. Even if we split those 2, that is 8 wins. When is the last time we won 8? It seems like forever.

7. Someone mentioned earlier that Flutie was a sophomore when he made the pass in '84. I'm assuming he is referring to the Miracle in Miam. Flutie was clearly a senior and that is the year he won the Heisman. At any rate, Flutie was a senior in '84.

8. I am not going to get excited about next week. I have been watching BC football since '83 and they always get your hopes up and fail. The only time they did not fail me was Flutie in '84. That was a long, long time ago.

Lenny Sienko said...

JBQ: "...Flutie threw his spectacular pass as a sophomore in '84...". Doug Flutie was a senior in 1984 when he threw "the pass" to Gerard Phelan.


I have rationalized how to root as hard as possible for the BC kids to succeed and still get rid of DAZ; i.e., DAZ will have achieved what he is capable of at BC and will be ready to move on to his real "dream job".

Go You Eagles!!

John said...

Thank you, BC.

We're on to Chestnut Hill.

Adam Hartshorn said...
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2009alum said...

Very happy to see BC win a road game at a place we have struggled at alot. Clemson looks awesome but remember they struggled vs Syracuse. That said I'm expecting that the Syracuse game will be a big game with some bowl implications.

Benjamin said...

I was at the game. First time at Lane Stadium. It is a truly intimidating environment supported by a passionate fan base. As noted, first half was rough, but the team turned it on in the second half. Fantastic performance in all three phases. Huge shout out to Michael Walker. He gave some much needed boosts.

Jrb123 said...

They need Levy to play more. It reminds me of when Myles Willis was on the team. He was a dynamic runner but barely got any carries.

Seamus Folan said...

Who on this blog rails against Daz being a bad recruiter because if the “rankings”? Clearly aby reasonable person understands that the system of ranking recruits is both flawed and fallible. At no point over the last 10 years do I remember a BC recruiting class being higher ranked than Virginia Tech or Miami. But if you look at the players on the field the BC kids are clearly more talented.

knucklehead said...


Walkers holding was the worst play of the game. Other than that he was good.

Who predicted a 10 point win if the kicker hit his kicks?

STL_eagle said...

eagleboston I would also list the 1993 win against #1 ranked Notre Dame as another time that BC shined. This will obviously be a tough game and frankly I would be happy if BC beats the spread and wins their final two games. Clemson has A LOT more to lose than BC so hopefully they feel some pressure on a cold night during an away game. Go Eagles!

NEDofSavinHill said...

Great win for BC. Does Daz have a patent on SLOW STARTS on the road? They were tied at Wake at the half and trailed their other three games. But they rallied so all is forgiven. The D really dominated in the third quarter. Brown seems much more relaxed and comfortable at home. Remember last year vs. Clemson it was 7 to 7 in the fourth quarter. BC is a better, more experienced team this year. Plus Clemson won by an inch against a mediocre A & M team. So they are not unbeatable. Opportunity knocks. 2. LSU got smoked by Bama and lost to an average Florida team. So BC is definitely in their category.

eagleboston said...

STL, Notre Dame win in ‘93 was awesome but if you recall, everyone got excited for BC to win the Big East and go to a New Year’s bowl and then they laid an egg and lost to West Virginia the very next week. I got my hopes up and was all pumped and they failed me as they have every time since. The last major bowl was the Cotton Bowl after the ‘85 season. All disappointments since then.

TheFive said...

They did not “lay an egg” against WVU. That team was undefeated and BC dominated the game. An unfortunate goalline fumble was the difference

PutYourChuckieDukesUp said...

Ahh yes. The David Green game. Right up there with the Diamond Ferry game in BC's last year in the Big East where all they had to do was beat Syracuse to get to a BCS game. Also happened to be Matt Ryan's first start at QB do to an injury to Paul Peterson (I think it was Peterson). Ryan was not good in that game.

CT said...

Yeah, the fumble wasn’t on the goal line, but there were about two minutes left and we were essentially running out the clock. WVU then drove it down the field quickly after not doing much of anything all game. Because why wouldn’t they? Thanksgiving weekend. I threw things.

But I did get the chance to go to the Carquest Bowl in lovely Blockbuster stadium. A dump. Crushed UVA, though.

Any road win is a good win. Brown is an issue. Has been for awhile now. Don’t see him growing. Needless to say, having Dillon healthy against that defense would be nice. I don’t think he’ll be fully healthy until maybe the bowl game. Seems like that from here, who knows.

Big time opportunity for recruiting on Saturday night! ABC game. Gotta make Lawrence beat you.

Edward Griffith said...

Beat FSU and CUSE one year extension. Run the table Three Years.
DABBO is a nasty one. Winning by 40-45 points not enough. Hopefully he and the
Clemson nasties eventually get theirs.
HOPE men's and women's bb get off to a good start.

Georgia Eagle said...

In the almost 50-years ivI' been involved, BC has always been the bridesmaid, never the bride. So damn frustrating.
Pertaining to AB, the kid is barely mediocre. I honestly believe the team could have crushed their opponents with a better QB.

JBQ said...

@Lenny Sienko: You are 100% right. It was '81-'84 for the "Man with lots of magic". I was referencing the Liberty Bowl in Memphis in December of '83 against ND. That threw me off. BC lost 19-18 on a frozen wind swept field 19-18 when no one could kick extra points. Thank you.---@Georgia Eagle: The Dazzler has a very good team with your "barely mediocre quarterback". He will cause BC to be "orange crushed" next week by a juggernaut. Actually, Daz sees no problem. AB is dong what he is told to do which is hand it off and run here and there. There is nothing in the resume' about throwing the ball. At one point, I saw VT with 10 men in the box with the two safeties jumping back and forth.---The game plan for Clemson is already known. The defense will hold the tide and AJ will be back running. You already know and obviously Clemson does as well the only gadget plays in the book. One is a "jet sweep" halfback pass. The other is a "flea flicker". Clemson will eat both alive.---"If only", if only AB could pass, BC could make a game of it. He can't even hit little 5 yard dink passes. He has no throwing motion without a hitch in it. You could see what could be with Ryan Willis with his smooth motion and the "dinking" of the BC defense with smooth little five yard passes. BC survived but they won't survive Clemson without the ability to pass. It will result in Mrs. O'Leary's cow being brought from Chicago and Alumni Stadium burning down.

Tim said...

BC ranked #14.

Georgia Eagle said...

JBQ, I accept your backhanded compliment. If only we had a decent passer this team could be 7-1 and top ten in the rankings.

Georgia Eagle said...

8-1 ( they were flat against a good Purdue team.)

lbkjj said...

Brown also had several bobbles in the second half, one resulted in a turnover. He did, however, seem much more comfortable throwing in the second half.

Edward Griffith said...

Why not get Doug or one of several good-great former BC quarterbacks to work with Anthony and not
just moan about it ?

Shabby1011 said...

Any word on Dillon and what held him out in 4th? Did seem like much happened on that fall into cameraman?

Levy was great and a bit surprising he hasn’t gotten more carries after that performance but still need Dillon on Saturday

Georgia Eagle said...

They have a ton of depth at running back but Dazoshit sticks with his pets and refuses to change it up.

Joseph said...

What do you mean by "pets"? Like back in school where some teachers had an emotional attachment to some kids, without an evaluation of ability or effort?

Brian said...

That hit by Harris on Willis was the game changer. No pressure on him up until that point and he did not look the same after. Need to get more pressure on the QB.

Can someone explain what second half adjustments BC made on defense to stop the screen? That was very frustrating to watch the first half.

Georgia Eagle said...

Comrade Joey, if I offended your liberal sensitivity by using the term pets, let's just go with favorites. It's no secret Dazoshit just refuses to replace his favorites unless they are medically incapacitated.
Does that answer your question,comrade?

mod34b said...

VT coaches think they should have won. No respect shown. Remember this next year players

“I’m not proud of the result, but it was at least a winning effort,” Foster said. “We have to execute and be more consistent on a regular basis, but I’ll take that type of effort and that type of competitiveness. If we continue to grow and improve we will give ourselves and chance to win.”

HC Fuente said similar... it was us. we did not execute, woulda coulda won.

F these chumps.

Bravesbill said...

BC ranked 14, College Gameday going to the Heights next week, and the game is on ABC in prime time. Sounds like a Dazaster is brewing.

Bravesbill said...

I mean most coaches would say that mod. VT was in it basically until 5 minutes left. A bounce here or there and they could have won.

mod34b said...

Nah. Most losing coaches are a bit more dignified.

mod34b said...

I almost just want play for a respectful lose.

Instead. I’ll hope for massive luck

Big Jack Krack said...

Was driving today and listening to ESPN Radio - and they had an interview with Anthony Brown.

Anthony said all the right things, in my opinion and ESPN is definitely hyping this game.

When was the last time ESPN reached out to a Boston College QB before a big game?

The BC players are aware of Clemson's capabilities, how strong they are and respect them very much. But our players are not scared of them and are looking forward to the opportunity and the challenge.

Clemson 77 Louisville 16
Clemson 59 FSU 10
Clemson 41 NC State 7
Clemson 63 Wake Forest 3
Clemson 27 Syracuse 23
Clemson 49 Georgia Tech 21
Clemson 38 Georgia Southern 7
Clemson 28 Texas A&M 26
Clemson 48 Furman 7

430 / 9 = 48 points per game
120 / 9 = 13 points per game (opponents)

BC 31 Virginia Teach 21
BC 27 Miami 14
BC 38 Louisville 20
BC 23 NC State 28
BC 45 Temple 35
BC 13 Purdue 30
BC 41 Wake Forest 34
BC 62 Holy Cross 14
BC 55 UMass 21

335 / 9 = 37 points per game
217 / 9 = 24 points per game

I guess UMass and Holy Cross equal Furman and Georgia Southern.

The ACC comparable games are troubling. :-)

But Syracuse and Texas A&M provide a glimmer of hope. But Lawrence gets better and better, and Clemson has opened their entire playbook.

We can't AJ Dillon up the middle for the first half - we'll fall way behind, because Clemson's front 4 is awesome, never mind when they load the box on us.

The key is Boston College has to find a way to score. I'm okay with controlling the clock if we score some points and make it a game.

But we have to play COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!! Open up your attitudes.

Go BC - shock em all!

Bravesbill said...

Remember when there were some posters on here who thought Kelly Bryant got screwed? That was pretty hilarious.

Big Jack Krack said...

A couple of things -

When Clemson gets ahead, and gets a good separation - THEY DON'T LET UP (like Addazio/Loeffler). Instead, they keep the pressure on, and the result is that the opposing team (Louisville, FSU, Wake Forest) get so flustered and discouraged that (this year anyway) THEY QUIT.

Boston College will not quit this Saturday Night!

Against Virginia Tech (without a second review like Atl) I remember several missed opportunities on offense for sure TDs, and I remember several missed opportunities on defense that also would have resulted in TDs.

Yes, it's an intimidating atmosphere (big deal), but the crowd thinned out. Imagine if it was 45 to 14 or worse, like it could have been. Matt Ryan shut them up at Lane Stadium, but this team did a job on them for the entire second half. It wasn't perfect, but 24 to 7 in a hostile environment was pretty good - especially considering the "no mercy" 49 to drubbing there only 2 years ago.

Go BC - keep improving and believing in yourselves.

Clemson is (maybe much, much) better - big deal. We have a puncher's chance!!!!!

Big Jack Krack said...

Sorry - one final thing for tonight.

Those of us who thought we would have been better with Petrula at center, certainly at least because of size - how will Baker stack up against 350 pound Dexter Lawrence or 325 pound Christian Wilkins? I'm rooting for you, Jon. This is a big question for this game.

Go BC - figure this out like Ali - Liston. Somehow use their strength and speed against them.

JBQ said...

You can't go into the biggest game since ND 1993 with a question mark at qb. Either AB can throw the ball or you put in one of the young guys. If he can't throw and I don't think that he can, then it will indeed be a "Dazzaster" and this one in prime time. ----It is obvious from the body language that the Dazzler likes AB. I like him too. Nevertheless, you can't let emotion dictate in a situation like this. Since it is related that ESPN interviewed AB and it was a pleasant interview is not good. He is a broadcasting major (with applied psychology as a double major) and he knows all the right things to say and knows how to manipulate his target. ----He is the key to the game and Daz has some soul searching to do. If AB is still in there and Clemson puts up 35 in the first half, then he should be fired on the spot. He has plenty of advance warning on what the problem is (AB can't throw and has a lousy throwing motion) and has the opportunity to alleviate the problem. Either you hold him after practice and work on his passing motion (he drops his arm and slings the ball with a hitch) or you just sit his rump down on the bench to watch either Perry or McDonald be able to hand off the ball and yet throw some completed passes. That is the scenario which will carry BC to victory. Otherwise, it is a complete disaster coming on national tv.

CT said...


Ha. Dentists and Suntrup and all...

Napolean Bonaparte said...

This is such a David and Goliath match up. And David doesn't have a chance unless his QB is an equalizer. Flutie, Foley and Ryan were great equalizers. If Brown will use his legs and athleticism to open up the short to middle passing lanes and keep the defense out of his face - good things will happen. But it is critical that the two back ups be mentally prepared to play if Brown falters or gets injured running the ball. We have NOTHING to lose here - none of our QB's or other players should shit their pants about any aspect of this game - this is a HUGE opportunity to go all out. Everyone expects us to lose badly - particularly Clemson. Play fearlessly - and play to beat the fuckers.

Joseph said...

Hello GE
Why the Ad Hominems? They certainly seem to be learned from someone else that can't discuss a subject without demeaning, belittling and insulting. My comment had nothing to do with political philosophy. I too am not a big Adazio fan, but I would rather speak to the reasons for that rather than insults and puerile nonsense.

Georgia Eagle said...

Lighten-up, Snowflake. It wad satirical humor.

Joseph said...

Oh, I thought that this was a site for serious discussions about BC sports. Sorry, but now that I understand that it is a satire spot i'll remember to treat your posts as such. "Lighten-up, Snowflake." more satire? or you just can't help it like the tweeter in chief?

This is satire? Maybe just plain nasty ignorance. "Comrade Joey, if I offended your liberal sensitivity by using the term pets, let's just go with favorites. It's no secret Dazoshit just refuses to replace his favorites unless they are medically incapacitated.
Does that answer your question,comrade?"

Why would the Coach have a "favorite" or "pet"? How would you define those terms? Reach back to your education to see if you can use big words and some semblance of logic to explain yourself so that we can figure out what you mean (or is there any meaning other than bloviating?)

Georgia Eagle said...

Don't cry and stop whining, Joey.

EagleNE said...

Comrade Joseph, you are really validating the condescending anti-trump stereotypes, and making yourself a target for further mockery, with your lack of self awareness. This is a blog for sports. Leave your highly predicable anti trump rhetoric for your #Resist friends.

Joseph said...

Smart response.

I asked about the "pet" definition and I get a trump-like ad hominem attack. Adazio has created plenty of reason for criticism but it does not further any reasonable discussion to start with the name calling like the "dazoshit" stupidity. Sorry to be candid, must be my affinity for truth and decency. If it look like...............

Georgia Eagle said...

In the hyper-sensitive world of a liberal snowflake humor, satire and sarcasm are hurtful taboos.
I already explained the pet comment, dumbass.

Georgia Eagle said...

Go to your safe space and stay there. Enough!

BCBCBC said...

Mod says he wants "a respectful loss". What a pussy.

Edward Griffith said...

On a blog devoted to something we all agree on BC and the glory that surrounds and enshrines
it , the vitriol devoted to things or people other than BC opponents is astounding.
There are plenty of spots right or left where such predilections can be exercised.

Joseph said...

"On a blog devoted to something we all agree on BC and the glory that surrounds and enshrines
it , the vitriol devoted to things or people other than BC opponents is astounding."

Well said. Now only if some who would claim to agree, would stop with the nasty names for anyone and everyone, BC coaches included, would act like it.

Knucklehead said...

Mod doesn't want Game Day on campus Saturday.

Georgia Eagle said...

Speaking of Game Day, can anyone confirm if this will be a Saturday night prime time game?

Edward Griffith said...

Main Target the Fake (Faux) Irish. How a French school in Indiana ever got away with
calling themselves the Irish when the most Irish city in the US is Boston is difficult
to comprehend.
Continued POOR performance by coaches should certainly be subject to criticism.
Many of the ND icons like Johnny Lujack originally headed to BC till Frank Leahy
bolted to ND.

mod34b said...

KH: Mod doesn't want Game Day on campus Saturday.

BC3: Mod says he wants "a respectful loss". What a pussy.

Mod34: Mod34 says geez those "2" are real losers and likely the same person.

2 x 0 = 0

Joseph said...

Game is a night game national.

Georgia Eagle said...

Why thank you JOSEPH.

Knucklehead said...

Mod, you are a douche. It has nothing to do with me.

mod34b said...

Why do you bother with so much nonsense? How many others here are douches, assholes and bitches here? Is everyone else stupid except you?

Why spend time with people you think are douches and bitches and stupid? . Do you like anyone here? Do you think anyone gives a hoot about what you say?

So why all the nonsense?

And on a blog for a school you did not and could not attend.

BCBCBC said...

mod....u said it....i just quoted you. pussy

mod34b said...

um not mr liar

BCBCBC said...

Yeah, it's just a few posts up, dumbass:

mod34b said...
I almost just want play for a respectful lose.

mod34b said...

2 x 0 = 0

BCBCBC said...

Mod 34 quotes: "Black people should not be ADs at BC", Miami will kill BC", 'I just want a respectful loss against Clemson".

Translation...."I am a racist, a moron, and a pussy."

mod34b said...

Back to being a liar. And a scumbag