Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A fitting end

At some point in sports and BC fandom, you feel like you've seen it all. Then there is something totally unexpected, like a cancelled bowl game. BC's got out to a 7-0 lead, things were looking good, lightning forced a delay and then another and another and finally the bowl organizers and the schools agreed to cancel the game. It is officially a no contest and never happened. And with all of these crazy bowl games, that is supposedly the first time ones ever been cancelled by weather.

As frustrated as those of us who carved out time to watch were, the people who have my sympathy are the players and fans who made the trip. They sacrificed their time and money and Christmas for a game and they got ten minutes of football. We say bowl games mean nothing, but this one really did. What a waste of time and money.

This was a strange season with some great highs and frustrating lows. To end in a no contest is fitting. No one knows what to make of this season. I will have some season in review posts in the coming weeks, but it is poetic that Addazio finished with seven wins again.

Could this have been avoided? Supposedly the bowl organizers knew weather could be a factor but decided not to play the game earlier. Hindsight is 20/20. With the losing streak, the Alumni Stadium problems during the Syracuse game, the Addazio extension, the Texas A&M issues, and now this, it hasn't been an easy few weeks for Martin Jarmond. Let's hope his 2019 ends on a better note than 2018.

If there is any lesson here (beyond the planning) is that these games really are meaningless. BC might as well push for an expanded playoff, because it will be hard to get fans to care about these sorts of games again.


mod34b said...

Bowl says total ticket sales and give aways was 16,500 tickets. (Stadium holds 90,000)

So how many BC people paid for this? I’d guess. 3,500 or less. Pathetic. But completely understandable.

Best part is the Servpro Motto : As if it never even happened. Indeed

mod34b said...

*"Like it never even happened"

Goberry said...

This was a weird day. For the love of gawd, can the idiots who fight here every day give it a rest.

mod34b said...

Looks like goberry has a rash. (Apply cream cheese)

And looks like Jarmond did not push for student athletes well being with a contingent plan. Jarmond did not do his job and seems to be bullshitting BCNation now

From Idaho paper
It was known for several days, at least, that thunderstorms were expected to strike the Dallas area on Wednesday afternoon and potentially disrupt the First Responder Bowl — yet there was no contingency plan to make sure the game was played.

In a massive, football-crazed metro area with many venues that could handle the 8,000-10,000 people who showed up for Wednesday’s game — including at least a couple with roofs — playing anywhere but Cotton Bowl Stadium wasn’t considered. Changing the game time, or perhaps even the date, wasn’t considered until it was too late.

Instead, organizers allowed the Broncos and Eagles to begin a game that had no chance of finishing. They played 9 minutes, 52 seconds before lightning delayed play. The teams spent 1 hour, 21 minutes waiting in their locker rooms for the signal to resume.

With an ever larger storm on the way, Ringler — the executive director of the bowl game — canceled the game because it was clear more lightning would be in the area and heavy rain would continue to blanket the stadium into the evening (and it did).

CT said...

Mod is stupid. Literally.

Anyway, there is no Plan B (damn it Mrs. Mod). Why are we freaking out about a random event?

We got our extra practices in. We’re good.

mod34b said...

What a shame, CT switches from curmudgeon to the grinch for the holidays. You could be so much more than that. My best wishes to you for the New Year

eagletix said...

So appropriate that the football gods assured that "7 win Steve" was able to live up to his well deserved moniker.

Georgia Eagle said...

Did Jarmond even TRY to lobby for an earlier game time? This guy is simply NOT impressive.

bceagle91 said...

GE, it's all about ESPN. They had their time window for the game and that was that. For a regular season game, like WF early this year, sure you can move the start time. But not for a bowl game during Capital One Bowl Season.

Tony Abardo said...

Interesting that ATL says "nobody knows what to make of this season".

I think a lot of people know what to make of it.

It was a major disappointment.

JBQ said...

The first bowl game cancelled since Pearl Harbor. Something sure smells and it isn't fish. It had a lot to do with tv coverage. That is where the money came from. It surely wasn't from attendance.

Edward Griffith said...




TONY is correct more grossness from MR GROSS himself.

mod34b said...

ATL record of predictions....

Predicted: 11-3
Actual: 7-6 (67% correct)

Predicted: 8-5
Actual: 4-8 (67% correct))

Predicted: 5-7
Actual: 2-10 (75% correct)

Predicted: 8-5
Actual: 7-6 (92% correct)

Predicted: 7-6
Actual: 7-6 (100% correct)

Predicted: 9-4
Actual: 3-9 (50% correct)

Predicted: 7-6
Actual: 7-6 (100% correct)

Predicted: 8-5
Actual: 7-6 (92% correct)

Predicted: 7-5, with bowl win
Actual: 7-5, with bowl cancel (100% correct)

mod34b said...

i'll take a look at some other predictions in the near term.

Tony Abardo said...

Those are the beginning of the year predictions. Once it gets into the actual start of the season that is thrown out the window.

ATL has picked BC to win in 20 consecutive games. Yes, 20 times in a row.

Georgia Eagle said...

Did he predict a win over Clemson? Not even ATL could be that optimistic

bceagle91 said...

He did indeed, GE. 28-24. He'd undoubtedly pick us to beat Alabama too.

Big Jack Krack said...

So what? It's a blog that's for BC fanatics.

We don't like our STUPID play calling, among other things.

But we appreciate that someone like Bill provides this forum.

I take it that his picks are wishful thinking, with the stars all aligned in our favor and against our opponent.

Maybe he should be pessimistic and go with his worst case scenario every week.

mod34b said...

ATL's overall season picks are very accurate and not wishful thinking at all. He is correct about 85% of the time in his preseason picks over the last decade.

his homer bit comes into play for the prediction for each game, and i think all understand he is giving the homer bit.

Tony Abardo said...

What is the point of a prediction every week if every single week it is a homer bit? Time to give it up.

Bravesbill said...

Hindsight is 20/20? This easily could have been avoided if there was a contingency plan....or if someone just looked at a weather report before the game.

mod34b said...

BB, see my excerpt above. Bowl, ESPN and coaches knew about the weather, knew the game would not be completed and never made any contingency plans in Texas (with a shitload of alternative FB venues)

Jarmond knew the deal in advance of the game (at least the day before there were weather/planning meetings) and is bullshitting all by claiming it was the devastating 2d weather report thant sealed the deal. Maybe as a mere team participant, he had no leverage ad had to go along....but seems like he could have done more... like not consent to a quick cancellation,.

Jarmond did the BC athletes and fan a disservice.

his last comment on the YouTube interview -- hope i can catch a plan tonight... he wanted to get out of Dallas.

CvegasEagle said...

I’m probably one of the few here, but I always like watching the draft. This year’s draft will be a historic one for BC. 5+ players when it’s all and done. Everytime I think about it, I just get more disappointed in our season. Whatsup with Denis regressing too btw? Hopefully Heevers doesn’t follow suit next year.

Georgia Eagle said...

Is the power out at knucklehead's house? Things are strangely quiet and peaceful in here. In fact, mod's blood pressure is down to near normal.

Big Jack Krack said...

After a first half that showed that Temple might win, Duke has taken them to the woodshed in the second half - 7 drives, 7 TDs to start.

Georgia Tech stunk the joint out last night.

A BC win would have been nice for the ACC - instead of the only cancellation in history. I'm sorry that BC was involved in that.

The weather in NYC looks pretty good for the 5:15 game. Too bad it wasn't like that last year.

Big Jack Krack said...

THE B$G likes to beat the ACC in the Bronx.

Miami sucks.

Big Jack Krack said...

Miami fans are probably calling for Richt's head. Wisconsin is not the good this year, but they're pushing Miami around on the LOS. The U is pitiful and wants to be on South Beach.

Knucklehead said...

Same old crap from mod. Find something to bitch about.

How about the three of the most inane things to happen in mens college sports(not just Boston College) in the last 5 years. BC is beating Howard by 70 points(check the actuals pig-mod) and the game is called off at half time, Texas A&M cancels a game because of an airplane ride in the age of on-call private jets and a football game is canceled while in play because of the weather.

If they told me DeFillippo, Spaziani and Adazzio or whatever the fuck their names are were throwing games for the last 12 years it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Jagodinski was too stupid to be able to hide a job interview he couldn't fix a game

mod34b said...

Georgia Eagle. You just had to ask!! Omg. “IT” is back and still all in to be my bitch. Can you imagine wanting to be someone’s bitch?

It was so peaceful here for a day or two. I was hoping this animal was finally banned. (ATL do anything for anyone??? Not this century)

I think he must be in some sort of group home or place for mentally disturbed people

Knucklehead said...

From the looks of it you were alone on Christmas or whatever you celebrate this time of year and where scratching hard on the 8 ball.

Sad lonely thoughtless loser. Sniff sniff. Spaz.

The Tall One said...

What Jarmond needs right now are immediate wins in Hockey and Basketball. That will at least change the new headlines coming out about the sports program at BC. Hockey is back to .500 - but rumors coming out of campus are that York is barely able to coach at this point and doesn't even know some of his players' names. That's going to be a MAJOR issue for Jarmond if true. York doesn't want to retire. The school can never fire him. They are trying to convince his wife to convince York that it's time to move on. Good luck with that one.

Basketball - 9-2. But they're about to begin divisional play. Can they get to 21, 22 wins and clinch a spot in the tournament? They'll need to beat Hartford and then go 11-7 or 12-6 for 21/22 wins. Doubtful but still possible. Remember, this is BC - the team has had 20 wins in the past and failed to qualify for March Madness.

And longer term - football. I don't expect the team to be better next season and the schedule is a lot tougher in 2019. It'll be a miracle if Addazio gets 7-5 or better next year.

Georgia Eagle said...

Ahhhh, I have reestablished normalcy. All is well in the forum.

Knucklehead said...

Was I not going to show up here again for some reason? Shows how dumb Pig-Mod is.

Georgia Eagle said...

Missed ya, mod. I always enjoy your colorful metaphors.

Georgia Eagle said...

I mean knucklehead

Knucklehead said...

Can fix the hockey problem in with one phone call to Storrs Ct.

No need to spend thousands on a search committee a stupid Pig Mod like recruiting firm or anything else.

Offer it to coach Cavanaugh(spelling?).


Georgia Eagle said...

I would love to see a return to hockey greatness. BC used to be the Bama of college hockey - or close to it.

mod34b said...

every comment KH makes mentions me. i am what he thinks about. even in a hockey post he finds time to mention me.

how's that PHd in Finance at BC coming along.

ps GE don't encourage this loser. really.

Georgia Eagle said...

Sorry, mod. Guess I'm being a shit stirrer lol

Knucklehead said...

All I did was state a fact. You were crying about everything under the sun. It was a fact. Even CTeee saw it.

Then you go off the reservation into bitches, hoes, my education and blaming everything on other commenters like I wasn't going write something about all your droning negative comments that take up half a page and say nothing insightful.

Stop being a pig, Mod.

Big Jack Krack said...

So glad we lost to a very good Purdue team, currently behind Auburn 49 to 7 in the first half.

Auburn uses more than 3 or 4 basic plays.

Knucklehead said...

I am kind of pissed out it. That Florida State game is still stuck in my craw too. Flat pissed.

Nothing was invested either.

Big Jack Krack said...


Big Jack Krack said...

Steve Addazio is scheduled to be one of the analysts for the Orange Bowl matchup between Alabama and Oklahoma.

How can he comment on plays he has never used or considered and may never have seen?

When Clemson beat Alabama 2 years ago, this is the guy who said he'd kick a FG and play for overtime.

Maybe ESPN will offer him a nice gig.

Georgia Eagle said...

Dazoshit can be counted on to lose at least two games through his inept coaching skills. Perdue and FSU are vivid examples.

Big Jack Krack said...

NC State too.

Our defense, which was on the field twice as long, gave up only 2 touchdowns and 2 field goals to Clemson. The other TD was a special team breakdown - punt runback.

Desmond Howard picked BC to upset Clemson. I guess he thought we'd try more than 3 or 4 plays, even with the backup QB.

This team was capable of winning 10 games in the regular season in Year 6.

That's why we're so disgusted.

bceagle91 said...

Nice summary, BJK. The stars were aligned for a special year. A strong senior class, a great tailback in Dillon, a very weak out of conference schedule and an ACC that was mediocre outside of Clemson. All that and we get Seven Win Steve riding again.

Next year, we could easily go 5-7. And we'll have to buy out Addazio and hire a coach who understands there are more than 4 offensive plays to run.

Tony Abardo said...

Yes, but according to ATL the season was filled with "lots of great highs" and "nobody knows what to make of the season".

Maybe he is one of those people that is clamoring for the "We Had Gameday On Campus" T Shirt

Big Jack Krack said...

Syracuse had better not stink the joint out like they did on the first 2 series.

Big Jack Krack said...

Why do I care? Because they killed us and made our defense look pitiful. (I think our guys may have just gone through the motions in that game [if not quit]).

bceagle91 said...

Syracuse is pulling away now. 10 minutes left, 34-18 Orange. WV surely misses Will Grier at QB.

Georgia Eagle said...

WVU played a Dazoshit offense. What do you expect?

CT said...

Purdue. Setting records. For the other guy.