Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Basketball falls to Providence in OT

That's what a rivalry game should be like. The only problem was BC lost. The refs didn't help the cause, but some defensive lapses combined with Providence making a clutch shot, forced OT. In OT, BC never got control and was constantly trying to chip away at the Friars' lead. They never did catch them.

Chatman had a big night. Bowman and Tabbs put up points but not by shooting well. Pop didn't play. If any of those guys are at 100%, BC wins the game with ease.

That would have been a nice non-conference win. Instead it is just another frustrating loss.


mod34b said...

let's not overlook that this was an important moral victory.

could not have been closer

Bravesbill said...

Refs didn’t help. Sounds like more Daz-esque excuse making. BC lost solely because of coaching. Foul at the end and you win. Period. Doesn’t matter how bad the officiating was in OT.

rgmarine said...

"the operation was a success but the patient died" yes BC is definitely showing signs of being a team with a future. They should have won the game but for the horrible lack of proper defensive pressure at the end of regulation which allowed the 3 point dagger. I'm sure that Christian(i hope) had to have said no matter what do not allow an uncontested 3 and sure enough they did. Even fouling on purpose for a 2 shot penalty would have been preferred. Hey the Providence player made the clutch 3 and ruined my night's sleep. I like Bowman but not sure if he will be no more than a very low first round draft pick at best. Tabbs and Hamilton look like the real deal.

bceagle93 said...

I know one thing: if MJ had done the right thing and fired Daz this wouldn't have happened.

The stench of Daz is beginning to permeate all of BC sports.....it's a formidable scent....it stings the nostrils.

knucklehead said...

They lost because they missed foul shots in the second half. Missed none in first.

Edward Griffith said...

Football ,men's and women's bb have since the days of Bicknell , Coughlin ,O'Brien ,Jags
O'Brien ,Skinner , Inglese AD Chet Gladchuk have become



Coach Mac in long process of returning women's bb to the glory days of
Catherine the Great !!!!!!!!!!

TheFive said...

We are a good team. There were some struggles early on, the source of which was not entirely clear, but there's some talent on the team and they play well together. Tabbs is going to be a star; Hamilton's a little unpolished but has the tools, too.

Last night we lost to a good PC team and, unfortunately, mismanaged the last possession of regulation. That's on Christian and he'd likely say as much. We got out rebounded in key spots down the stretch in no small part because our best front court player didn't dress last night (Popovic, who over the past few games had played better than ever, was in the concussion protocol).

Those who put Christian in the same boat as Daz either don't follow the team or don't have a clue. That BC is a bubble level team after losing its highest draft pick ever is a serious accomplishment. Probably shouldn't have lost to IUPUI at home -- but check the RPI, they're actually pretty good. Needed last night as a chance for a quality non-conference win and it's frustrating we didn't get it. If you choose to focus on that over how far this program has come over the past few years, I feel bad for you. I'm pretty confident that's not what Jarmond is doing, and I'm pleased about that.

We've got a team with some potential that's fun to watch and the middle of the ACC might not be as good as it has been recently. So, maybe enjoy it?

always sunny in cleveland said...

Agree with TheFive. Great game to watch on the tube.

bceagle93 said...

Despite my obnoxious pot stirring, I watched the game and do agree with TheFive -- it was fun to watch, especially when they went on that 15-0 run. And fun to hear Huckaby on the call too. I was also at the BC-BU hockey game on Saturday night -- best crowd/atmosphere I have seen at Conte in a long time.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the negativity around the coaching and forget the most important thing: we seem to have quality players that represent us well in each of these programs. That is worth cheering for.

JBQ said...

Providence is a very good team and lately part of the NCAA. There is no shame in an overtime loss. It looks like Hans "Christian" Anderson is actually doing a good job. If he is able to recruit, he might even stay around for awhile. I would like BC to broaden their recruiting horizons to include more foreign players. I believe that Popovic is in that category but they need more.

mod34b said...

TheFive. In other words, it was a nice moral victory that was fun. Am I right?

Tony Abardo said...

Hopefully someday BC can move away from moral victories and start having some real ones.

Bravesbill said...

I am a lot more confident in Christian than Daz. Christian looks like he may have turned the corner. However it’s disturbing he won’t admit to his mistake and said he purposefully told them not to foul because 11 seconds was too much time left (although the shot went up at 6 seconds). Bowman let them down in the clutch with his free throws of all things. Wouldn’t mind seeing Herren getting some meaningful minutes again.

Tony Abardo said...

The BC basketball program has been looking to turn the corner since 2009 when they last made the NCAA tournament.

Joseph said...

Mod really knows perfection: he is a perfect jerk with hi negativity and demeaning dumb-ass attitude. Maybe Christian is not the answer to getting to where we would like to be, but there has been progress and none of us really know how tough it is to get over the hump of a couple of very bad years. getting those recruits who will make the difference is not any easy sell after a few years of crap.

mod34b said...

Jos. you are comfortable with poor results because you have low expectations. i want the Ws. Trying and progress are the stuff of the Cambridge, MA sport league where everyone get a trophy for trying a little. Its the stuff of the socialism you adore.

and what's with the "perfect jerk" and "dumb-ass" etc. Am i not allowed to comment with out a fuck face (see that's more like it) like you providing editorial comments. Stick to sports, you dick ( &$^%!@!)

As for your sports comments, you mother fucker (see how i did that). fuck yourself (again) you motherless prick (!). Your mother iwear army boots (!!!) is that what you want here? scatalogical gibberish? Kick it up a notch you commie pig.

Tony Abardo said...

December 30th 2017:

January 28th 2015:

November 21 2014:

February 10th 2013:

January 6th 2013:

February 19th 2011:

All stories about the BC basketball team and talking about moral victories or debating if it was a moral victory.

This goes back seven years. That is the problem with moral victories. You can always claim a moral victory. And if you are ok with that you won't make any progress.

BC hasn't made the tournament since 2009. But they sure have had a lot of moral victories since then!

Georgia Eagle said...

Comrade Joey is the chairman of the apologists cartel. Joey, doesn't socialism preach redistribution of wealth? Shouldn't the Alabamas (fb) and Kentuckies (bb) be required to redistribute some of their four and five star players to the ever to be mediocre schools like BC)? The complaining would stop then, comrade.

Edward Griffith said...

Under O'Bie and BC's greatest bb coach Al Skinner we won a lot.

Jim's major problem is recruiting without which the ACC is a nightmare.
In a five year period we should manage 2 -4ths ,2 -5ths and a 6th,
He is certainly to be preferred to Dazzo=Shit but results are not a lot better.

Time for Jared , Danya , Malcolm

knucklehead said...

If you watched the game you know it was a flat put loss. I haven't watched more than 2-3 basketball games since Skinner left. I watched this fucking meltdown and won't be watching another game for a while. That game was the equivalent of the FSU football game.

knucklehead said...

Absolute embarrassment too. The Providence booster section behind their bench was filled, with idiots. The only person in the BC booster section was a priest and a Providence guy they didn't have room for behind their own bench, no fucking joke.

knucklehead said...

. . . .Abomination. Malcom Huckabee was calling the game. Nobody here even knows who he is . . . Which they didn't watch and are crying or they don't know shit. Which is even more of an embarrassment.

knucklehead said...


mod34b said...

Well said Tony

Joseph said...

mod your mother called me and asked to understand that you have always had a problem with anger management. She said that you might be off your meds and when you are off you tend to use impolite language, but you can't help it be because of all kinds of inner turmoil that she said would be best left alone. I'll respect her wishes since she really seemed to talk about you with great sadness and regret that her best efforts to raise a nice son just went unrealized.

Heights said...

Let's crush it, boys!!!

Go Eagles!

Heights said...

Joseph, are you dominating?

Mod, you're a bitch!

mod34b said...

Comrade Joey. A sure sign of leftist indoctrination is a failed sense of humor. Observer College you are not

Today in communist history Trotsky addressed the Fourth International Communist Congress. Enjoy

Heights. You are crushing it!

Heights said...

Thanks, Mod. I appreciate the acknowledgement.