Sunday, December 02, 2018

BC headed to Dallas for bowl game with Boise State

If you had asked me about BC's bowl destination Sunday morning, I don't think I ever would have selected the Servpro Bowl in Dallas vs Boise State. Yet here we are, getting ready to play the Broncos on December 26 in the old Cotton Bowl. All things considered, this was the best outcome of all the undesirable bowls that were in the mix for BC.

First the bad. This is a made for TV game on December 26. There is no history. There will be little fan support. Barring some viral moment, no one beyond BC and Boise State fans will remember it.

The good? It is more BC Football against a legitimate opponent in a real city. Detroit and Shreveport were on the table and real options. This game feels like the Rose Bowl when you consider the alternative of going to Shreveport again. 

Boise State opened as a 2.5 point favorite. I will have more on the matchup in the weeks ahead. I will also post on the ACC's politics and BC's role. 

Now let's win this thing. Addazio keeps claiming progress. Time for him to show it. 


CT said...

Progress? Only glaciers make less progress in six years.

Show what exactly? Will eight wins for you demonstrably change anyone’s perception of this season? I mean, go seniors and all, but those extra practices have meant little in terms of development at key positions. Give me a break. This is the door off the Titanic in the North Atlantic and Daz is Rose, her big ass comfortably floating, waiting for the life boat buyout to arrive, and we’re all Jack clinging on to a mythology before we sink as fish food, frozen in perpetuity to the hope that one day someone other than us will have expectations that the New World is real, and that it consists of bowl games whose most significant consequence goes beyond affirmation in Others Receiving Votes.

mod34b said...

The politics of Bowl selection are clear: BC got the lowest bowl in the ACC. pecking order. Yes, the worst. Mouse got rolled. But I did see a Mouse tweet. Mouse is really excited to party with Alum in Dallas. Mouse likes to party.

The ACC site sets out the order in which bowls select teams.

Dallas bowl in 14 out of 14. Just before spill over Birmingham bowl. That bowl has the last pick. And who was left : the partying mouse psyched to party in a major city instead of Shreveport. (And that is a win??)

This is the toilet bowl. An embarrassment. It provides no solace that we should be happy we are not in Shreveport or Detroit (the other Toilet bowls)

Our game is on Dec 26 at 1:30 (12:30 est). No TV audience. No interest at all. It is just as interesting as if we had no bowl.

Ps. Why is Loeffler sticking around to coach this bowl? Makes no sense.

mod34b said...

Correction. Wake (6-6) got the worst: Birmingham bowl on Dec 22 (vs Memphis)

Georgia Eagle said...

What do you expect? Dazoshit lost three in a row. Plus BC fans don't travel to bowl games. I wont.

mod34b said...


ObserverCollege said...

Boise State has a huge scheduling advantage. Coach Addazio recognizes this, and still he takes the bull by the horns. Boise State get to play a Catholic school the day after Christmas, when the Catholic football team has observed two days of solemnity and reflection. "Practicing your faith": utterly incompatible with hitting the gridiron at midday on Boxing Day.

It will require a tremendous coaching job to keep BC within ten under these circumstances, on the road against a nationally ranked public school foe who doesn't have to worry about issues like "the Baby Jesus". If Coach wins this to get the 8th win, you have to extend him right then.

But like Ricky Bobby at the end of Talladega Nights, I expect we can join Coach Addazio in realizing that winning the game simply isn't THAT important. It's the relationships with your family, the national media, that matter.

Georgia Eagle said...

OMG, Observer is playing the religious card to justify Dazoshit's next loss.ladies and gentleman I give you a Dazoshit apologist. I thought I heard everything on this site . Unbelievable!

Georgia Eagle said...

What a minute. I just got snookered by Observer's famous satire. I played the fool

BCNavy89 said...

GE the soldier not GE THE MARINE 🙃

Georgia Eagle said...

I play both sides, BC navy. Lol. Tough to decide who to root for in the army-navy game.

Tony Abardo said...

I think it is time for ATL to give up this blog. There is absolutely no objectivity left.

He has become worse year after year and now just sounds like a puppet of the administration.

He has picked BC to win in 18 straight games. If all he is ever going to provide is the positive spin what is the point. Maybe he can become a columnist for BCI.

I think at this point he should just give up this blog. His "work" is a joke.

Tony Abardo said...

The progress comment by ATL is what is frightening about some of this BC fan base. If they win this game you will absolutely hear the narrative that the program took a big step forward. Despite the fact that they are playing in a lower tier bowl this year and ended the season with three straight losses in a down year for the ACC. And their signature win was against Temple.

But, you have assholes like ATL that will claim this is progress. Ever To Excel.

Georgia Eagle said...

Way to go Tony. I've been saying the same thing about atl but people claim I'm being too negative.
Granted, ATL deserves credit for maintaining this site and I truly enjoy it. But his constant positive rah-rah spin is getting old. And why can't he get involved in his own blog? Never replying to any of our questions is really quite annoying.

knucklehead said...
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knucklehead said...

The media will say it is a step forward because they got 8 wins. They are not getting 8 wins though. Boise State rolls. No joke.

The opportunity for 8 wins was FSU. Which is why I said how Dazzler coaches the game will indicate his understanding of the schedule and his team. He failed by coaching the game not to lose.

Probably tough for the players to play for a guy who changes his strategy week to week based his perception of his teams' chance to win.


JBQ said...

Looks like 7-6. Boise St. has an exciting team. Their conference and schedule are just not that great. They played Fresno St twice in the last few weeks. They won and then lost in the championship game in a close one. Fresno State played some very good teams and is ranked.

Edward Griffith said...

Anyone who thinks beating Boise State would be an accomplishment should go on youtube

and see what it was like when we had real coaches and players of the caliber to match.

The slow descent to Hades has caused a lot of forgetfulness.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Observer - "If you're not first - you're last."

bceagle93 said...

Unrelated: given news out of Chicago today, could we possibly elect The Mayor as next head hoops coach?

My enthusiasm for MJ has waned significantly in the wake of the (mis)handling of the Daz situation, so I am not optimistic....

Joseph said...

What ATL posted: "Now let's win this thing. Addazio keeps claiming progress. Time for him to show it."

What Tony THINKS he posted
"The progress comment by ATL is what is frightening about some of this BC fan base."

What is really frightening is the total lack of reading comprehension by someone who claims to be a college (BC??)

Equally frightening is GE getting suckered by our resident word genius OC.

Not just frightening but comical as well.

The Bowl is bad. The opposition not so bad. The Players will be in it for pride. Unfortunately they probably will not get prepared well, but hopefully pride will overcome poor coaching.

ObserverCollege said...

Napoleon, by the end of the movie Ricky Bobby evolved beyond "if you're not first, you're last." Remember his joy in seeing Cal speed past him and Girard to victory in the final race. Then see how he's approved of how his Mom has whipped Walker and Texas Ranger into respectable young men.

ObserverCollege said...

ATL started this blog in response to TOB choking away the 2004 Syracuse game. O'Brien was quick to make clear that you're just not going to make it to the BCS when you have to go with your freshman future NFL MVP as your starter.

Not to mention Syracuse shifting their safety to RB to replace their injured players there. Everyone knows you can't get blamed when a converted safety shreds your defense. How can you stop a RB when you don't get to game plan for him?

BCAlum2000 said...

I think people need to cool down and lay off ATL. Is he a BC homer who picks BC all the time? Yes. Is that a bad thing? No. He is a grad and a fan. He never said he was impartial.

As for the perceived lack of criticism of Addazio, I think ATL has made it clear tat he is not a fan. Some of you think he has a lot more clout than he does with folks in the administration.

Agreed that the bowl is bad, but the competition is decent. What did you expect though? Its actually the best possible outcome. If the team didnt want to be in this toilet bowl, then they shouldnt have lost 3 straight to close out the season.

Georgia Eagle said...

The self-righteous Joey strikes again eiwi his superiority complex.

Tony Abardo said...

It is comments though by people like BCAlum2000 that we don't need.

The best possible outcome.

By December 26th this will have turned into if we win this game I think we will have showed some real progress this year and taken a major step forward.

Stop trying to justify this. It is a crap bowl game and they happen to be playing a team that is barely ranked.

And it is far from the best possible outcome. Maybe it is the best possible outcome based on losing the last three games. The best possible outcome would be they won 2 of their final 3 games and they are in a much better bowl game.

I have seen so many people say based on how they ended the season this is a good result. That is a loser mentality. If you want to be more than a 7-5 team you don't look at the First Responders Bowl as the best case scenario.

mod34b said...

As for ATL. Yes thanks for running the blog. It’s a lot of work and I appreciate your efforts. But you are so aloof and detached in an odd way, particularly since you regularly comment on EO. . I assume you are in fact Observer College which is a fun feature here.

But would it kill you to be a little more gracious to your readers? Say hello. Stay awhile.

And have no fear. Given your high status, knuckleshit won’t call you an asshole or bitch, CT won’t condescend, Joey won’t be selling you commie ‘tude. Although Tony!s comment above went too far, I think he’d chill. Hell I think if you were a little more available, JBQ could probably pull u into his narrative. (Do you use a dentist?) Georgia Eagle will probably meet you for lunch and be appointed by you as the good manners police so you don’t have to worry about resolving conflict. .

BCAlum2000 said...

Tony, you need to chill. There is no one who thinks the status quo is more unacceptable than me. My point was, if horrible Addazio and this team didnt lose to mediocre teams like NC State, Cuse and Purdue (were killed in two of those games) and to awful teams like FSU, then the team would not be in this predicament and having to play in this toilet bowl. The fact is, the program has been mediocre at best, but more so irrelevant for a decade now. Same with the basketball team. On top of that, we are regressing in the US News college rankings (not the best measure, but universally recognized). There is the need for significant change from the top down.

Thomas said...

How the hell can an 8th win be considered progress? The level of competition has decreased. Progress can be incredibly subjective. Schedule 12 FCS schools next year, go 12-0 and claim progress???

This is how I would measure progress - Did this team beat every team it was supposed to? NO
Did it give superior teams a run for their money? NO
Did Dad finally develop a creative, unpredictable offense that's lacked for 5 previous years? NO

Beat Boise State in a meaningless showcase and claim progress? GTFO with that nonsense.

knucklehead said...

Temper tantrum at 3:05 pm.

STL_eagle said...

I don’t see the need to attack ATL. He provides the forum for conversation and offers his take on the state of affairs. Is he overly optimistic at times...yes but the majority of commenters on this blog are pretty negative so I find his point of view refreshing and hopeful albeit somewhat unrealistic.

I do think it would be interesting if ATL occasionally responded to some of the commentary to help clarify his thoughts or offer additional insight.

Also remember it does not make a lot of sense to bite the hand that feeds you. With a few key strokes ATL could shut down this entire blog and you’ll be forced to move over to BCI to vent your frustrations.

I would like to see Daz fired but I will still be rooting for the Eagles to beat Boise State.

knucklehead said...

I want them to win but read the globe quotes of Dazzler. He is afraid of them. He said he never saw them before. Then made sure to say he has seen them on TV but just not on film this season. Said so his words don't become poster board material for Boise State.

Wonder if Dazzler knows about all the racist shit Boise said when we had Kiwanuka and played them in a shitty bowl 10 years ago.

That is the real poster board material.

He doesn't know shit though.

Georgia Eagle said...

Who possessed Joey? The above comments were incredibly lucid, accurate and sensible.

Edward Griffith said...

See how bad we've become check out 83-2009 . Bicknell, Coughlin , O'Brien , Jags
Players Pete Mitchell or Tom Sweeney The players just can't compare either. We were a
significant factor in college football.




Guido said...

I believe that Addazio has again demonstrated his coaching abilities in college football . Another bowl bid !!!!!!!! Most incredible. Only 11 out of 14 ACC teams were invited to a bowl. And Florida State missed by one win going 5-7 - WAIT A MINUTE - didn't we lose to Florida State ???? I bet Father Leahy has already booked a flight to Dallas !! He is so proud of the continued high achievements of Steve Addazio !!!

knucklehead said...

He doesn't know where Dallas is located.

BCAlum2000 said...

Take Ryan Day off the future coach wish-list ...

DosBC said...

Anyone hearing Liam Coen as next OC?

DosBC said...

Coen is not coming to BC. He turned it down.