Sunday, December 30, 2018

The Coaching Carousel is a reminder that BC is a good job

Having been through many coaching searches, I am always frustrated by the belief among our fans and some of our decision makers about what sort of job BC is. BC people will say how tough our job is, even though our historical winning percentage is better than half of the P5 teams (and the list of coaches who have take BC to bowl games doesn't read like a Hall of Fame list of coaches).

BC people will say that we can't afford a certain type of coach. Sure if we are trying to hire away a current coach from a football factory, but look at this round of hires. Look how many former head coaches couldn't even get interviewed for openings. Look at how many P5 assistants weren't even mentioned for jobs. Look at guys like Les Miles taking deader than deadend jobs like Kansas.

When BC does make another big change, we may end up with a C-lister. Who knows? We don't know how Jarmond will operate. But I hope he looks for and hires the best candidate out there, because it is always a buyers market, even if BC doesn't act like it is.


CT said...


Lutfi Kurniawan said...

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mod34b said...

In Mouse we trust?


Mouse extended Daz and gave him a raise.

Mouse extended Christian

Mouse rewarded losers. That is what he did.

I like the Univ of Houston approach upon firing 8-5 coach after 2 years : we expecting winning teams and winning starts at 10-2.

Even the freakin’ Jets would not continue to accept the same-same-same and fired their coach.

Georgia Eagle said...

I've been screaming from the beginning Jarmond was not the best person for the
AD job but I got called a racist ( of course) so it is what it is.

Tim said...

Maybe the Bengals will hire Addazio. He would be a great fit in a franchise where mediocrity is tolerated.

mod34b said...

Yes I think the commenter BCBcBC (among others) screams racism all the time.

Georgia Eagle said...

Mod, don't forget Comrade Joey. He is the chairman of the forum PC police.

Edward Griffith said...

struggling a lot against 6-8 Hartford

ccw said...

More likely you’re being called out as a complete a$$hole.

CT said...

Well, at least we have basketball to look forward to.

Wait, what?

Edward Griffith said...

ccw a real classless act. Not bad at argumentum ad hominem however !!!!
Time for Jared , Danya , Malcolm.

Tony Abardo said...

It is a great job!

You can get Gameday on campus about once every 10 years, and get blown out, but nobody cares because you got to host Gameday!.

You can go 7-6 every year and keep your job for as long as you want!

You can host the coaches Game Film during the playoffs instead of coaching in the playoffs and your fans will be excited about this "exposure"!

Please feel free to add other reasons why this is a great job.

bceagle91 said...

You can schedule a bakery's worth of cupcakes for your out of conference schedule to get to that 7-6 record and no one on College Road will notice or care. And neither will the AD. He'll be busy handing out pretzels and talking up GameDay.

Big Jack Krack said...

You can claim that the new IPF is the best in the country, when, in fact, just about every team has one - and they all look the same.

You can lose 10K fans on the average per game from previous years before you were the Head Coach and not have to worry about it.

Concerning MBB, we need a good Observer College post how this lost was planned by the Head Coach to motivate this team moving into ACC competition.

Maybe WBB will over-achieve, and we can root for and support them.

working rich said...

And they lost.
today was a day to put up a good strong game against an underwhelming team
And they blew it.
BC didn't look that bad but Hartford was tough .the 3 point foul was a big boo boo and lost the game.

Big Jack Krack said...

I must say that if I still lived nearby, I would attend some WBB games. Their new Head Coach has really made a difference in a short time.

Big Jack Krack said...

VaTech and PITT both lost games they should have won.

Go ACC - Go BC

BC vs Stanford in the Sun Bowl would have been nice, but we managed our way to the first ever Cancellation Bowl.

But it was our 5th in 6 years - so there's that.

Georgia Eagle said...

Big jack, every school that can field a team gets the dubious honor of going to a smuck bowl. Remember, GI?

Georgia Eagle said...

Oregon and MSU are stinking up the Red whatever bowl.

Big Jack Krack said...

We're not the only team with Special Team problems.

working rich said...

Cancellation Bowl

I think it will stick as a name

Big Jack Krack said...

Missouri Addaziod/Loefflered to the loss - especially on 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1.

BTW - who is going to be our new OC? Is anyone on the staff under consideration?

Will it be someone strong in the "Throw Game"?

Which QB will adapt to the new system the best?

Will Addazio continue to play his favorites?

Will the Wolfpack get killed by TAMU?

Big Jack Krack said...

MHockey embarrassed at ND.

We're on a roll.

Georgia Eagle said...

And the hits just keep coming.

bceagle91 said...

BJK, will the Wolfpack be killed by TAMU? Um, yes indeed.

JBQ said...

Mizzou is back and will be in town in 2020.