Thursday, December 13, 2018

What people are saying about the Bowl matchup

Narrative drives everything in college football, so it should be as no surprise that in their short summaries, the major websites are saying the same things about BC and Boise.

ESPN: mentions losing streak, predict Boise State win

Yahoo: thinks Boise wins and might not be much of a game. 

Bleacher Report: predicts a Boise win and mentions BC flaming out down the stretch.


mod34b said...
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Geezer eagle said...

Yawn. Dazoshit has crushed my enthusiasm.

BCNavy89 said...

But he’s made to 5 bowl games in 6 years game day blah blah blah 🤮

Geezer eagle said...

Everybody but Rutgers goes to a meaningless bowl. Way too many. Nothing more than a scrimmage.

mod34b said...
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Heights said...

What a joke. BC sports are miserable and I can’t waste my time caring anymore.

What’s the point of being a fan anymore?

Anonymous said...

Mod is a bitch. He cannot lose either way so good for him and bad for everyone else. Crybaby Subaru driver.

Anonymous said...

Read what you wrote. It is the most inane thing I have read here since your last horseshit comment. Absolutely pointless and nonsensical.

Anonymous said...

It goes from typing z until the edge wore off to a diatribe about an asshole.

Get yourself checked out for mental stability. You need therapist or two.

Anonymous said...

BCI doesn't like you. You are too dense to see the opinion of folks here about your bullshit, goofball needing thoughts.

Even CTeee could understand.

Heights said...

Knuck, calm down and don’t hurt anybody.

mod34b said...
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Erik said...

We are in big trouble if Brown plays like he did in the first half of NC State, first half of Virginia Tech, all day vs Florida State. If GOOD Anthony Brown shows up then we'll handle Boise no problem.

Also, did you know that in football there IS NOT a rule that a right handed quarterback can only roll out right. In the rulebook they are allowed to roll left and throw across their body. It isn't as scary as Addazio and Loeffler think it is.

There wasn't a similar rule last year wither with Wade and exclusively rolling out left.

Big Jack Krack said...

Erik and All:

I posted this last night on the Addazio Extention Thread -

"Back from a wonderful European Adventure to 8 cities in 4 countries and I read about some kind of an extension!

How will this look when Addazio gets pounded by Boise State? (I have no hope that he will have this team ready.)

What will it say - Losing 4 in a row when the results should have been much better, given the talent on the team?

Anyway, I was half watching Sports Center in advance of the Chargers against the Chiefs.

Philip Rivers has an unconventional throwing motion, yet is one of the best.

Let's give McDonald a chance in the Bowl Game.

Go BC."

So I read about the game between the Chargers and Chiefs, and Rivers did his magic to win the game late - even with his funny throwing motion.

So what's my point? Give McDonald the ball and see what happens. He just might be the leader we need at QB, because he just might throw the ball accurately and on time - even if he looks a little different doing it.

He has the pedigree.

If we stay with Brown - of course I wish him well. But really - what if we get pounded? 4 losses in a row.

I'll tell you what if - Addazio needs to be fired before he gets on the bus to the airport.

Go BC - but we never seem to be able to get by the arrogance and stupidity of our recent head coaches!!!!

I'm with everybody - sick of this bull sh!t.

Big Jack Krack said...

So I apologize to the players - present, past and future.

Addazio brings BC to his 5th Bowl Game in 6 years! This is supposed to be a big deal? You can't make this stuff up.

Shreveport, LA (12/31); Bronx, NY twice (12/27 and 12/27), Detroit, MI (12/26) - and now a B.S Bowl in Dallas that nobody cares about (12/26). For our last 4 Bowls, we haven't gotten past December 27th. And Addazio brags about this.

Under Addazio we got pounded in Shreveport - POUNDED! We lost 2 in the Bronx we should have won. And we tried to lose the game in Detroit to Maryland with a disgraceful display of head coaching in the second half.

What do you think will happen this year? Will AJ Dillon's ankle be healed? Addazio doesn't care. Hey Boise - guess what, we're going to run the rock straight at you 40 times, throw short of the first down marker 10 times and try to beat you with our other 20 or so plays. We're spotting you 50 plays. And we're going to play fast, even though our play selection dictates that we should play at regular speed.

2013 AdvoCare V100 Bowl L 19–42 December 31, 2013 Arizona Wildcats
Independence Stadium Shreveport, LA

2014 New Era Pinstripe Bowl L 30–31 OT December 27, 2014 Penn State Nittany Lions Yankee Stadium Bronx, NY

2016 Quick Lane Bowl W 36–30 December 26, 2016 Maryland Terrapins
Ford Field Detroit, MI

2017 New Era Pinstripe Bowl L 27–20 December 27, 2017 Iowa Hawkeyes
Yankee Stadium Bronx, NY

2018 Servpro First Responder Bowl December 26, 2018 Boise State Broncos Cotton Bowl Dallas, TX

If Addazio doesn't have this team ready, uses the same STUPID game plan and game management, and gets pounded by a team we should beat (because our players have finally succumbed and lost interest because of the B.S. offense) - he should be fired!

But we gave him an extension that he didn't earn.

I hope it work out - but we have enough evidence to know that it will not.

"Show me the past performance."

Geezer eagle said...

Boise State is terrorfied of our fg kicker.

Big Jack Krack said...

One last thing - we met a nice couple from Florida (knowledgeable football and Gaitors Fans) and when we brought up the name Addazio they had nothing good to say. NOTHING! They knew how BC faltered down the stretch, and weren't surprised.

Basically, BC will always underachieve until this guy is let go.

Go BC players - throw off the shackles and play your own game.

(I secretly wish the players would develop their own play book, game plan and signals during the game.) They deserve to be given a chance to play 2018 college football.

I'll shut up now.

Napolean Bonaparte said...

Well at least this isn't the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl - that really has a certain podunk ring to it! However, the Makers Wanted Bahamas Bowl in sunny Nassau would have been fine by me.

Boise's schedule not terribly impressive - may God bless them though for beating UConn 62 -7.

RRP - boink, Field goal attempt - boink, take a knee guys

TGS said...

Go Mod, keep up the good work. Khead, crawl back into the hole you hatched from you cross dressing, Daz loving, Hillary supporting, degenerate gambling, BC grad faking, dirt bag.

dixieagle said...

I like the subversive suggestion, BJK. I suspect there are plenty of players who'd like to do just that.

I think Boise will kill us.

Anonymous said...

TGS, aka Mods alter ego. Very supportive.

Anonymous said...

BC is going to under achieve until Leahy/BOD wants football to be successful.

They are more concerned with creating a circus on campus and in the news over a racist incident committed by a mentally ill student. Acting Dean really really wants to prove that she can handle the job on a full-time basis. The reputation of Boston College and the peace of students overall be damned.

JBQ said...

I too like McDonald. His dad Paul gave the French School fits. He has good blood lines. However, what blood lines do you need to be a "hand off machine"? There is little doubt that the red headed Leahy is more into sociology and a socialist pope than the winning character of capitalism.--- Not a peep about the great success of Matt and his 150 million dollar contract with 100 million guaranteed. His wife was a starting guard on a BC basketball team. Her twins are her greatest success. I am beginning to think that the Jesuits are anti children with their emphasis on gay rights and feminine achievement.--- That is why Jill Hegarty with experience as director of football operations was passed over for AD. I met her and she wasn't even interviewed. She had class written all over her. She was too soiled with the label of mother and wife for the leftist leaning harbingers of a Jesuit Marxist pope. ----Since swinging Father Feeney, it has been all downhill to the left for a once proud institution with an outdated model of "Ever to Excel" The football team is now a tool of the radical left for transforming Boston into a socialist utopia. Who cares if they are O and 12?

Geezer eagle said...

Careful, JBQ. You are offending Comrade Joey. He will accuse you of the usual leftist platitudes of racist, sexist and homophobe. The Lefts battle plan never changes.

Edward Griffith said...


Geezer eagle said...

We are indirectly discussing sports when we point out how the political ideologyof the administration is seriously hurting the success of it's sports program.