Friday, January 25, 2019

BC gets another grad transfer

Former Miami Offensive Lineman Hayden Mahoney is now an Eagle. As a grad transfer, he is eligible to play right away. Mahoney comes from Malvern Prep in Pennsylvania and was recruited by BC out of high school. He started nine games for Miami this year and has played a lot for the Hurricanes that past two years. I assume he is coming to start at BC.

Even if he doesn't prove to be a starter, like Dalton before him Hayden is a great insurance policy. We know he can play ACC-level Football and he doesn't tie up BC's long-term plans. Addazio has shown in the past that he is good at getting the most out of grad transfers -- especially at OLine.

I also think it is good to bring back kids who spurned us in the recruiting process the first time around. This can become a great selling point to parents and coaches. Addazio can claim "look at ______. He went to____ and never developed like he should have. In one season at BC, he is a star..."

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