Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Is it finally time to hire Ed Cooley?

This is the second part of a series to look at the future of BC Basketball.

BC has hired basketball coaches twice since firing Al Skinner. Both times BC could have hired Cooley. (He interviewed during the Donahue process. He supposedly withdrew his name before any interview when BC fired Donahue.) While BC struggles to recruit and win consistently, Cooley has had the best stretch at Providence since the late '80s/early '90s. Cooley is a proven head coach, has strong BC ties and New England ties and can recruit. He would seem to be a no-brainer. Yet there are plenty of BC fans who really dislike the idea of Cooley coming back to BC.

The problem with Cooley is two-fold. One he is closely associated with Skinner. That should be a good thing, but others see it as holding onto the past and trying to recreate something that is long gone. The other is the idea is that Cooley is just a recruiter and nothing more. His Providence teams are always talented but lose games they shouldn't and rarely make postseason runs.

Cooley has also made very public statements about never wanting to leave Providence and Providence being home, but I think we could still get him to come to BC. It would be expensive, but making the jump to the ACC at a place where he is known would be hard to turn down (this assumes, BC doesn't nickle and dime him on salary, staff and expenses).

While I do see Cooley's upside as limited, I would gladly welcome him back. I don't think he would win national championships at BC, but I do think he would have us in the NCAA Tournament every year. Considering where we are now, that sort of winning would be welcome.

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