Wednesday, February 06, 2019

No Christian pile-on after loss to Duke

I find it interesting that our fanbase reacted differently to Tuesday's loss to Duke vs Saturday's loss to Notre Dame. I don't know if people are checked out or just expect to lose to the stacked Dukies. Here is a tweet from SI's Chris Mannix (a BC guy) after Notre Dame that was echoed around BC sites.

But you would hardly find anything that negative or critical after the Duke game, even though BC got killed in the second half.

My frustration is that the improved effort of the first half wasn't carried into the second half against Duke. And while I am aware of the talent differences, beyond some good moments of zone in the first half, there was never a feeling that we had any real plan to slow the Duke wave in the second half.

There is a month of basketball left and Christian's seat is toasty. My position is clear, but I have no idea what Jarmond thinks. Maybe the angry mob is no longer angry and instead checked out. But in the big picture is that might be worse for BC sports.

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