Monday, August 19, 2019

Big questions: What's Addazio's backup qb plan this year?

A series of questions as we approach another year of Addazio.

Last year Addazio pushed the narrative of BC being in the game against Clemson until Brown went down. It probably oversimplifies things and gives Addazio an excuse for last season's collapse, but the bigger issue is how to avoid such a drop off if Brown goes down again.

Until the summer, Addazio kept talking up his QB depth and talent. That's been a downgraded talking point since three of those backups have transferred elsewhere in search of playing time. I don't view any of the guys who left (Perry, McDonald or Langan) as program changing losses. And that is part of the problem. Addazio has brought in plenty of QBs and the best of the bunch so far has been Brown. The RS Jr Brown represents the most stability Addazio has had at the team's most critical position. Yet, he has missed games both years and has been inconsistent over the course of two seasons.

Based on what has been posted and discussed, it appears Matt Valecce is the primary backup. Sam Johnson is the most highly touted but as a freshman, unless he is blowing people away, it would be a real surprise for him to see the field. Dennis Grosel and Daelen Menard are projects on the depth chart. If either of them see the field we are witnessing a miracle or a disaster.

Valecce was well regarded as a recruit and has played well in spring exposure. Like Brown, he has to adjust to a new OC. But he's basically a blank slate.

If any team is forced to play their backup QB, something is wrong. My ongoing frustration under Addazio is that we've never had a backup who could step in and really press the starter. The best backup was Wade and even he was someone who you really had to work around and manage.

I hope AB has a breakout season and proves to be an elite player. I hope he stays healthy. But given everything that has happened, I am really hoping Addazio has his backup ready and it is someone who won't require Addazio to go conservative in a critical game.

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