Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Jarmond to USC talk is all about Urban Meyer

Earlier this week, Lynn Swan resigned as USC Athletic Director. Even if it was a forced resignation, Swann's tenure was just another rocky step in the recent run of USC Athletics which has seen coaching churn, probation and an extensive bribery scandal. Among the names floated early as a replacement was BC's Martin Jarmond. While Jarmond is a reasonable candidate (P5 school AD, young, charismatic, good fundraiser at a private school), there are plenty of other good candidates out there. Every candidate has his or her pluses and minuses. But if USC goes hard after Jarmond, it will be a signal to the college football world that they want Urban Meyer.

From the minute he stepped down at Ohio State, many started predicting USC as Meyer's next step. Meyer is a great coach, but one of the keys to his success is picking opportunities where he knows he can succeed. SC has been in a down cycle, but they still have a fertile recruiting base, a national brand and a winnable conference. But Meyer is mercurial. Just because it makes sense, doesn't mean that USC can just pick up the phone and get him. This is where Jarmond's prior relationship comes into play. Jarmond is the type who can talk to Meyer and build up his comfort in taking the USC job.

Could Jarmond get the job even if he tells them Meyer is not his vision for USC Football or that he doesn't think the coach will come back? Sure. While his experience is still light, he has enough on his resume for them to hire him. But that doesn't seem like USC's style. They may miss often, but they like to take big swings. If they hire a green, young east coast AD, it will be because they want Jarmond to land the biggest free agent in College Football. 

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