Thursday, October 31, 2019

BC-Syracuse preview

Do you think after seven years, Addazio is tired of these "must win" games? Since Year 4, he has been able to do just enough to stay alive, but there must be a grind to that sort of thinking. Or maybe it helps him and gives him focus and clarity. The only time since Year 3 that things seemed totally stable was when we hosted Clemson for GameDay. Yet he followed that moment with a series of ugly games filled with bad luck and bad coaching. Maybe the pressure this week helps BC get back on track.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
This fall I have found myself driving during nearly every BC game. 99% of the time, I am chauffeuring my kids around. This leads to me listening to the radio broadcast with a captive audience. At home when I put the BC game on, they never watch and are off doing a million other things. In the car, they are forced to listen and start to understand what's going on with BC. My son has lots of questions. My daughter don't care, but pay enough attention to ask something or other. It is refreshing experience especially when things are not going well. At home I stew on things. In the car -- with them -- I am forced to let go and not get as frustrated (although if I ever get in an accident, I am blaming Addazio). I also enjoy Meter, Cronin and Mute. They're emotionally invested like we are which is comforting during a roller coaster season.

Three Simple Keys
1. Basic production from Grosel. Syracuse is not Clemson, so that will help, but he needs to make good read snad good throws and run when he can. If he is off again, BC's season might fall apart.
2. Get pressure. Last week confirmed we can't stay with WRs on the deep stuff. I expect Syracuse to try to go deep early. BC needs to counter with lots of QB pressure so he doesn't even get the passes off.
3. Get the WRs involved in the game. This is somewhat related to the shrinking playbook, but there should be plenty of passes to hit with Syracuse crowded the box.

Gambling notes
-- The visiting team has won three straight in this series
-- Addazio is 2-4 vs Syracuse
-- Addazio is 1-2 vs Babers
The current line is BC+3.5

BC has only won in the Carrier Dome four times.

Scoreboarad watching
I don't know how Virginia Tech rebounded from their terrible start, but they have. They now have a chance to knock off a reeling Notre Dame. This game should show how vulnerable the Irish are.

I hope to see...
Dillon in the passing game. It is a win-win. He develops and it opens up our offense.

BC is in trouble if...
We can't stop their run. Last year's gameplan against us was so simple, yet we were helpless. If we had five or six DBs on the field, they ran. And yet we couldn't adjust or recognize what was happening.

I've been calling this a W for BC for weeks. Cuse is bad and there is no reason we can't just run on them like we did with NC State. I think BC controls early and plows over them en route to a comfortable win.
Final Score: BC 28, Syacuse 13

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