Saturday, October 26, 2019

Clemson embarrasses BC

When you enter a game as a 34-point underdog, winning is not expected. You plan and hope for the "W", but your primary goal should be to play your best and put up a fight. BC did neither in their loss to Clemson. The Tigers throttled BC in nearly every phase of the game. But most embarrassing was Boston College's Defense.

The talent between our D and their O was already a mismatch. But the awful tackling and continued blown assignments should not be happening in the eighth game of the season, regardless of who you are playing. Any sign of improvement from last week was wiped away.

Grosel was also overmatched. Do you pull him going into Syracuse? No, but his leash has gotten shorter. If any of the future games get out of reach, you might as well see what Valecce can do.

Dillon hit some BC milestones in rushing and TDs. I wish the marks had occurred in a less frustrating game.

Syracuse presents a great opportunity to bounce back. With Addazio being Addazio, I expect us to look like a different team next week.

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