Thursday, January 02, 2020

...Other than that

You know things are bad when the tweets during the weather delay are the highlights of the game. All things considered, we probably would have benefited from this game being cancelled. Cincy outplayed BC, Cincy outcoached BC, the Cincy players seemed to want it more and their team handled the delays much better.

The defensive problems that BC had much of the year -- bad tackling and missed assignments -- were back. The offense was uninspired.

Even Legion Field, with all its history, was a total letdown. Some sports venues add charm with age. This one didn't. With the rain running through all its nooks and crannies, it felt like the house in Fight Club.

The biggest disappointment was the effort of the players. There were many drives where it felt like they didn't want to be there. This was their chance to impress Coach Hafley and most came up short.

None of this means anything, so I suggest everyone put it behind them quickly.

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