Thursday, September 24, 2020

BC-Texas State preview

If Addazio were on the sidelines for this game, I would be worried. Same for Spaz. Maybe even TOB. I am not worried with Hafley. One game shouldn't buy me this much confidence, especially with how competitive Texas State has been. But I am in the honeymoon phase and felt really good about how Hafley already fixed some of the glaring defensive issues from last year.

While this is technically a home opener, it won't feel the same with an intentionally empty Alumni. Fortunately you don't need to lean on the home field factor when your team is well prepared.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
I am glad to have BC Football back. I am glad to have games in Massachusetts. But seeing other stadiums have some fans without issue, makes me think BC can and should be doing it. I know it is easy for me to say. I don't go to games anyway. However, there are people that want to go back into Alumni. And who are we kidding? This game wouldn't be filled under normal circumstances. I hope BC starts phasing fans in before the season is over. We've shown we can handle these things and it would be a good step forward for everyone.

Three Simple Keys
1. Dominate on the Defensive Line again. That was the most surprising and enjoyable aspect of the Duke game. If we do that again against Texas State, I don't see their offense getting on track.
2. Get Jurkovic more involved in the running game. The passing got better as the day progressed, but I still think there are lots of big plays for him in the read option attack. It will also open things up for Bailey.
3. Get others involved in the passing game. Flowers and Long will get all the attention. There should be plenty of plays for the other guys now.

Gambling Notes
-- BC has won two straight home openers
-- Texas State has never beaten a P5 team
-- Sun Belt teams are 6-42 against ACC teams all time
The current line is BC-17.5

This is BC's first ever game against a Sun Belt Conference team. I don't expect many in the future because they can get bigger paydays closer to home. This one was all about the scheduling scramble after COVID.

Scoreboard Watching
Louisville v. Pitt features two future opponents. Plus, the loser will probably drop out of the rankings leaving hope for a surprising team in Chestnut Hill to sneak in.

I hope to see...
A big day from Bailey. He doesn't need to be Dillon, but it would be nice to see him break some long runs or come out of traffic into a big score. It would help other areas of the offense too.

BC is in trouble if...
If it is close in the end. We have a lot more talent but are still all in the getting to know you stage. (Even the staff to some extent.) The players don't have the track record with one another to know what to call in a tight game. I would hate to see the tension and chaos of a close game. Dumb things happen.

While I am giving Hafley and Company a lot of leeway with this season, they can't lose this game. I don't think they will either. I think the D looks great again. I think our offense is a bit uneven but gets enough big plays that BC doesn't even get scared.
Final Score: BC 30, Texas State 13

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