Thursday, October 22, 2020

BC-Georgia Tech preview

Normally I would love BC coming in off a sound defeat. It would seemingly be a great opportunity for Hafley to rally the troops and get everyone sharp and motivated. Georgia Tech complicates that since they are coming off a historic loss. Clemson clobbered them. They will also be looking to regroup and refocus. While neither team is destined for a National Championship, this game is critical. One team will bounce back and return to feeling good about their season. The loser will probably start wondering if their early season success was all a mirage.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
The Big Ten is back this weekend and the remaining FBS holdouts are following in the coming weeks. I've been pretty adamant from the beginning that these teams should be playing, so I am glad to see them back on the field. Unfortunately the movement to unionize college football seems to have lost momentum. Perhaps the discussion has moved behind the scenes and out of the public. More likely, by allowing the players back with a few concessions, the discussion went away. That would be unfortunate. The college sports model is broken and exploitative. The health, financial, and logistical challenges of COVID 19 provided an opportunity to fix things. Aside from some sports getting cut, it looks like not much will change. Hopefully when things calm down, someone in leadership somewhere will look to improve the situation for student athletes and the athletic departments caught in the middle of this bad system.

Three Simple Keys
1. Pass protection. If Jurk has time, guys will get open. GT's pass D has plenty of holes and weaknesses. And even if Jurk can't find guys open, if we protect he should be able to run for first downs.
2. Don't give up on the run game. When passing is working and Tech has so much trouble stopping the pass, the temptation is to come out throwing. I want BC to also use the run game. It looked better against Virginia Tech (aside from the fumbles).
3. Don't allow big plays. Georgia Tech will go for the home run passes. We need to make sure we stop those potential game changers.

Gambling Notes
-- Georgia Tech leads the all-time series 7-2
-- Georgia Tech is 3-0 at Alumni
-- Hafley is 2-1 at Alumni
The current line is BC-3.5

BC Athletic Director Pat Kraft hired one of the head coaches in this game...just not the one coaching his current Football team. (Kraft hired Geoff Collins when he was at Temple.)

Scoreboard Watching
Syracuse at Clemson. The Orange look terrible and this might be the best team Dabo has ever had. Could the Tigers score 100? I don't know. Syracuse usually gives them a game, but this year I expect a blowout. A bad Syracuse is good for BC since we often recruit similar players and have them on the schedule every year. I don't mind them falling apart as Hafley tries to build up BC.

I hope to see...Garwo and Bailey hold onto the ball. While luck and carelessness are factors in fumbling, there is a mental element too. Both guys have shown they have issues protecting the ball so far in this short season. May they please hold on this week and get it out of their respective heads!

BC is in trouble if...we don't get third down stops. For the first time in weeks, we are not playing an elite QB. Sims will make mistakes and bad throws. We have to be smart and not let broken plays become third down conversions.

I think this will feel a bit like a shoot out. Only BC will capitalize on some GT mistakes and score TDs when they are scoring field goals. Jurk has a big day and we put last week behind us.
Final Score: BC 35, Georgia Tech 23

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