Friday, October 30, 2020

BC-Clemson preview

When we first joined the ACC, the Clemson games were such highlights. Obviously because BC won, but also because we battled and entered the games thinking we could win. Aside from a few in-game moments the last decade, there hasn't been much hope related to the Clemson match-up. We were led by dope, while they've ascended to unimaginable heights. This weekend we enter as a huge underdog again, facing potentially Clemson's best team ever (albeit without their all-world QB). I will predict a miracle win for the hell of it. But what's different is I know the gap between the programs is closing. It started closing the minute we hired Hafley. If we don't pull off the upset this year, I know our time is coming.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Organizers postponed the 2021 Boston Marathon to yet to be determined fall date. They pointed to the unknowns and the current Massachusetts' limits on road races. This is disappointing and indicates the odds of any normalcy with BC events (fans at hockey or hoops, graduation, etc.) are unlikely to change this school year. I don't get it. At some point won't someone mention that there have been outdoor marches, protests and riots and rallies all over the country without a direct link to outbreaks? There have been cross country races throughout the country. There have been large gatherings in Massachusetts. Why not have an outdoor road race with some of the best athletes in the world? Haven't we learned that sports can be done and are an important step back?

Three Simple Keys
1. Don't play ball control. While I understand the temptation to shorten the game, I don't think it will work. When Clemson loses it is always when a team really goes for it and is aggressive in the air. We have the playmakers. Go for broke!
2. Stop with the penalties. Hafley never seems as concerned about the penalties as we are, but there have been a lot of dumb ones. We can't have that this week.
3. Stop the run. With Lawrence out, all eyes turn to Etienne. Stop him and stop Clemson. Let Uiagalelei be the guy to beat us and let him do it by passing.

Gambling Notes
-- Clemson has won nine in a row in the series
-- BC has not won at Clemson since 2007
-- Swinney is 82-16 in ACC games
The current line is BC+24

This is the second time BC and Clemson have played on Halloween. Clemson beat BC on October 31, 1952, 13-0.

Scoreboard Watching
I will be paying attention to UNC-UVA. Because we don't play them regularly and because we have them at the end of the season, I haven't paid much attention to UVA. They seemingly are in a bad place but improved a bit last week. Are they going to turn things around this week against UNC? I am hoping they get crushed and are totally checked out when we play them.

I hope to see...fewer missed tackles. Nothing will give Clemson more confidence than one of those plays where guys miss tackles all over the field and they score on an 60-yard broken play.

BC is in trouble if...we don't score at least four touchdowns. This can't be one of those keep it close, get some field goals games. We need to be aggressive and put points on the board. 

COVID taking out Lawrence robbed BC of their 'shock the world' moment, but who cares? This is it. This is our chance. BC hangs with the elite for the game. Lots of back and forth. Final drive we go down the field and score to win it all. Let's Go!
Final Score: BC 28, Clemson 27

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