Monday, August 30, 2021

Hafley Year 2: still in the Honeymoon Phase?


Does last year even count? In my opinion, it does. And going 6-5 (5-5 in the ACC) was a miracle and a hell of an accomplishment. Doing it without a true offseason program. Doing as the schedule, rules and expectations changed weekly was also remarkable. Even with some disappointing losses and skipping a bowl game, I don't really feel like Jeff Hafley had one misstep last year. It was as perfect as a 6-5, first year season could be. But despite all that relative success and the clear change in mood, we still don't know anything about what we really can be or will be this year. This is is Year 2, but it is sort of Year 1 again.

For the guy who did it right when everything was going wrong, this should be an huge opportunity. The roster is closer to his vision. He had an entire offseason to implement and adjust schemes and staff. He even has an easier schedule. The flipside is expectations are higher, there are more distractions and the rest of the college football world has had time to plan and prepare for the cards Hafley showed last year.

I am going to do my season predictions as usual this year, but I will give you a sneak preview. I think we are going to be good this year. Very good. I know there are holes and depth issues on D. I know that things will get rough. But I think the schedule, the QB and the head coach are all lined up just right for a special BC season. And because we don't know what to take away from last year, I am going to enjoy this extra long Hafley Honeymoon. 

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