Saturday, September 11, 2021

BC gets the win but also a wake up call

Lots of people (myself included) said the schedule and the roster might lead to a special season for BC. Saturday's win over UMass was a reminder that BC still has plenty of flaws and needs to improve before ACC play begins. But the biggest issue for this game and the season is Phil Jurkovec's health. The BC QB hurt his wrist early in the game and never returned. BC provided very little detail about the extent of the injury (although Hafley expressed optimism). Without Jurk, the offense still scored but mostly by just running the ball down UMass' throat. The passing game was much more limited.

The D was a bigger concern. They allowed UMass to move the ball with ease. While the turnovers and some goalline stands gave BC enough cushion, the pass coverage and QB pressures need to get better quickly.

A win is a win. I understand that and hope the staff is using these games to figure out what they have. Let's also hope that Jurk is back very soon.

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