Thursday, September 09, 2021

BC-UMass preview

Scheduling is an art, not a science. I don't have a problem scheduling UMass. They're close. It is a FBS win. We should encourage regional football. I even understand playing them this early. This allows Hafley and company to ease into the season. But it is hard to get excited about this game. When your primary concern is coming out unscathed, it is probably not an ideal opponent

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
The Big Ten-ACC-Pac 12 Alliance generated a lot of social media talk during last weekend's slate of games. I don't really get it or see it as a SEC vs us situation. In my opinion, the Alliance was just a counter measure to keep all the power going to the SEC. But the creep to true professionalism won't stop. And I don't think all the Alliance members are going to be on the same page when this goes to the next level. For BC, it makes sense. We just need to keep grouping ourselves with like-minded programs (private schools that somewhat care about academics). So while it is nice to see an Alliance partner -- like UCLA -- score a win over a big, bad SEC power, for BC it doesn't really mean much. We just need the Alliance to buy time until we know what we want to do with our sports programs.

Three Simple Keys
1. Execute better.
Last weekend was a blowout, but there were still plenty of dropped passes and off target passes. That needs to be cleaned up this week.
2. Get pressure without blitzing. Someone in the front needs to establish himself as a dominant player. It would be nice to beat UMass without tipping off future opponents.
3. Avoid turnovers. Don't do anything stupid and give UMass hope.

Gambling Notes
-- BC leads the series 22-5.
-- BC has won 10 straight in the series.
-- Since making the jump to FBS, UMass has yet to beat a Power 5 team
The current line is BC-37

BC last played in Amherst in 1982.

Scoreboard watching
It is sort of a slow weekend for ACC games. The most relevant to us is probably NC State vs Mississippi State. I don't think the Wolfpack are any better than we are, however, beating MSU would be impressive (or more impressive than wins over Colgate and UMass).

I hope to see...
Jurk leave the game without injury early in the second half. Hafley even mentioned that his brother got on him for leaving Jurk in too long last week. Don't make the same mistake again.

BC is in trouble if...
We turn the ball over five time. That's about it. That is the only way I see us losing.

Bottom Line
I think UMass will go all out to stop the run like Colgate did. Then it is up to our passing threats to light up the scoreboard. I think BC plays better than last week and lots of guys play.
Final Score: BC 49, UMass 10

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