Saturday, October 02, 2021

Wasted opportunities

That one will hurt for a while. BC should have won. This Clemson team is not good and BC's D -- which should be its liability -- did more than enough to win. But the Offense made too many mistakes and Dennis Grosel made more than his fair share of those mistakes for BC to beat anyone. 

I've whined about the Jurk injury already and on social media, but what makes this all more frustrating is that outside of QB, this might be the most talented offense we've had since Foley (if you include the depth and explosiveness of each position group).

Hafley did not sound defeated in the post game. I trust his steady hand to navigate the rest of the season. But I do think he needs to get snaps to other QBs. Just see what he has. Because he knows what he has in Grosel and the upside is very limited.

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