Friday, November 12, 2021

BC-Georgia Tech preview

New life. That's what we have. Jurk wasn't revolutionary last week. He didn't look like a future First Round Draft pick, but his presence and rusty skill set were more than enough to energize our offense. And with the win, a hopeless situation suddenly seems promising. We missed our window into something truly special (and that will be a topic for another time) but we still can finish strong and leave everyone happy. To do that, we need keep rolling against Georgia Tech.

What's on my mind (not totally related to this game)
The rollercoaster of QB management is not unique to BC. Just look at some of the crazy things that have happened this year at Oklahoma. But unlike the Sooners, we are not just rolling through a roster full of elite 5-star recruits. The good news is Jurk's reclamation project tells a great story to QBs wanting to transfer to BC. The bad news it will be hard having depth QB if we recruit over the in-house talent. 

Three Simple Keys
1. Contain the big plays.
I sort of see this like the Syracuse game. We need to make sure that they don't break out any long runs.
2. Stretch the field more with Jurk. The deep balls are huge, but I would also like to see some more intermediate passes. The more threats we show, the more it will open up things all over the field and in the running game.
3. No special teams mistakes. If we are not going to be explosive (hopefully that changes), we need to avoid the costly, game-changing special teams mistakes.

Gambling Notes
-- GT leads the series 7-3
-- GT is 1-3 against the spread as favorites this year. 
-- BC is 4-5 against the spread this year
The current line is BC+2

Matt Ryan and Scott Mutryn are the only BC QBs to lead BC to victory in Atlanta against the Yellow Jackets.

Scoreboard Watching
Miami plays FSU this weekend. The entire ACC division was based around this matchup and it means next to nothing now. I will still follow out of curiosity. As someone who is not invested in either program, I can't fathom why both have been so mediocre to bad for so long. 

I hope to see...
Jurk play really well. He had his moments last week, but didn't look sharp. This is likely his last stretch of games for BC (SPECULATION), so I would like him to go out with a blaze of glory.

BC is in trouble if...
If Georgia Tech controls the pace of the game with their rushing attack. I don't expect us to score 77, but we do need to create tempo and be aggressive with our offense. Put up big numbers and avoid an grind it out game with them. 

Bottom Line
Last week was a first step back. I think this week, we show what we can and might have been. Lots of big plays and BC pulls away in the second half.
Final Score: BC 35, Georgia Tech 21

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