Saturday, August 27, 2022

Year 3 is usually telling

While I don't believe Jeff Hafley is on any sort of hot seat, I do think this year will tell us if he is going to be great or just good. Year 3 tends to set the tone at BC. 

I like Jeff Hafley and still think he will be special. His first season he managed COVID, the roster and his schedule well. Last year was more disappointing. He mismanaged the QB situation which led to the team underachieving. This year, if he is special, there should be no excuses. This is his roster. He has tweaked his staff. The schedule is manageable. By Year 3 most great coaches are on their way because they've worked out the kinks, have things lined up and have their players in place. Look at the third year of past BC coaches since WWII:

BC Coaches in their Third Year  
Myer -- 1946. Record: 6-3 (Myer's tenure was interupted by WWII.) 
Holovak -- 1953. Record: 5-3-1 
Miller -- 1965. Record: 6-3 
Yukica -- 1970. Record: 8-2 
Chlebek -- 1980. Record: 7-4 
Bicknell -- 1983. Record: 9-3 
Coughlin -- 1993. Record: 9-3 
Henning -- 1996. Record: 5-7 
O'Brien -- 1999. Record: 8-4
Spaziani -- 2011. Record: 4-8
Addazio -- 2015. Record: 3-9

It is not infallible, but does follow a pattern. Let's hope this year is great and carries us for the next decade!

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