Friday, September 09, 2022

BC-Virginia Tech Preview

This is a must win. Not in the sense that Hafley will be fired or on some sort of hot seat. But it is critical to prove the staff can make adjustments quickly after just one game. If we lose this game, the new season momentum is dead and you can expect recruiting and fan interest to follow. I believe in Hafley still and very good coaches are usually able to stop losing streaks and keep everyone on track. Let's hope my belief pays off. 

What’s on my mind (not totally related to this game)
Even the ACC's big wins last week were sloppy close calls. That doesn't rationalize our performance but it does give me hope that BC can be competitive in every game on the schedule.

Three Simple Keys
1. Keep the protections and blocking schemes simple. As I believe someone mentioned on the broadcast, BC had multiple OL guys down field on pass plays. And that was just one of their problems. They were green and overpowered but also asked to do too much. This week needs to be simple. What we lose in the element of surprise, we hopefully make up with better play.
2. Use Jurk in the run game. It might be risky putting him in read option plays, but he is generally good at them. Doing it a few times early could help the running game and create play action passing.
3. Stop the run. VT is going to copy Rutgers and keep it on the ground.

Gambling Notes
-- BC coaches are 3-2 in their first games at Lane Stadium
-- VT was 4-5 at Lane Stadium last year
-- BC is 5-8 in Lane Stadium all time
The current line is BC+2.5

Virginia Tech’s head coaches are 1-1 in their first games against BC.

Scoreboard Watching
The ACC Schedule is not great this weekend. UConn does play Syracuse. While that might not be an exciting game, it will be a matchup of future opponents. Maybe it will tell us how bad the Huskies are.

What I hope to see…
BC move the ball around. You want your best players targeted. That’s smart. But it is also a fine balance. Hitting the open man more often, giving Zay the occasional breather and mixing in other players will make the offense much better.
BC is in trouble if…
Jurk is turning the ball over again. Although he was under consistent pressure, neither INT was due to the Oline. He forced both throws. It is a lot to ask, but he needs to be close to perfect.
Bottom Line
I think BC wins this week. As deflating as last week was, I think they cut down on mistakes and BC’s D holds in the end.
Final Score: BC 24, Virgina Tech 14

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