Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday links

Gene D. is trying to mend fences with Syracuse. Some might say adding the Orange back to the schedule is about travel, but I think it is more about recruiting. A charter flight to upstate New York is not that much cheaper than one to North Carolina. But telling kids in New Jersey, New York and New England "we play over half our schedule within driving distance of your home" will counter attack any anti-ACC spin Big East coaches might use against us. While I didn't like the way Syracuse's admins ripped us and certainly didn't like losing with the Fiesta Bowl on the line, it is good to see Gene move on.

Loyal reader LBI Eagle found this ACC preview. I'll continue mine in the next few weeks.

Sportsline created a Hot Seat chart. These sorts of things are pure speculation, but fun to fill the offseason. They don't think TOB is under any sort of pressure. I agree. It will take two losing ACC seasons before firing talk would ever start.

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