Tuesday, June 14, 2005

No (BC) stone unturned

Summer remains a lean news time, but here are a few items of note.

Akida McClain cut a deal. It looks like he will avoid any serious punishment. This is good news for BC basketball. With Sean Williams’ future uncertain, Akida should get some minutes spelling Smith and Dudley.

Two takes on BC’s preparation for joining the ACC. I don’t love the new slogan, but it is certainly not the worst one to come out of BC sports marketing. I am glad Gene dismissed the exorbitant travel costs claim that the Big East schools threw around. In the article from Charlottesville Daily Progress, they mention an ACC celebration party at Fenway -- another welcome sign of the Red Sox influence.

Brian Curtis, who wrote Every Week a Season, is now a columnist for CSTV.com. In his latest article, he says that even with our departure that the New Big East will not be that bad. I have to disagree. Louisville is one of the best teams in the country, but I expect the rest of the teams to really struggle out of conference.

Nice article on some BC baseball recruits. Looking for BC stuff on the web has confirmed one of my beliefs -- don’t pay for recruiting news. Most of recruits are big names somewhere and in many cases get free coverage from small-town papers. Plus any of the good stuff from the “gurus,” will end up on some message board.

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