Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The truth about TOB

The Sporting News' Matt Hayes wrote a mailbag that caught the attention of a few BC fans. Asked to make a prediction about the Penn State job, Hayes riffed "...Tom O'Brien will skyrocket to the top of the list after Boston College's successful inaugural season in the ACC.

While I am glad that columnists anticipate a successful first season in the ACC, TOB is not going to Penn State or any other premiere job. Not gonna happen. Ever. He has already been down the aisle with two programs that would have been upgrades (Georgia Tech and Washington). In both cases he lost out when the alumni base was underwhelmed. ADs like TOB. He leaves boosters and fans cold. Just look at BC. The man has done a very good job, but his stubbornness and stoicism has the die-hards hoping that he moves on. A group that knew him well -- UVA -- passed on him and brought Al Groh back. While at UVA Groh hasn’t accomplished much more than O’Brien but perception and demeanor make a huge difference. Plus I think TOB is too smart to take the Penn State job. It is a top program and annual contender waiting to happen, but following Paterno could be tough; especially if Joe hangs around and casts a shadow. Some coaches have all the confidence in the world and think the can outshine the legend. TOB is more selective than that. If he wanted out of BC, he would be gone by now. That is why he only is mentioned when it is a strong program in a down cycle.

The only way he takes over Penn State or gets hired for any other primo job is if we have an amazing Top 5, conference championship type season. And if that happens BC will pull out every thing we have to keep him.

My bet is he is on the Heights until he retires.

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Mutryn's non-throwing arm said...

You forgot the flirtations with Michigan State a few years ago. Poor Tom, too old, yet left at the altar four times by differnt wooers since dating his comely beaux since '97.