Friday, June 17, 2005

More previews, TV and blogging news

College Football News came out with their Boston College preview. In the past this site has been lacking in quality and full of inane comments and polls, so I was very surprised with this solid and for the most part, accurate preview. Hats off to the writer Pete Fiutak.

The Army game will be on national TV. I wonder if ESPN Classic will break out the old fonts and graphics like they did during live basketball coverage.

As I mentioned earlier in the week -- don’t pay for recruiting content. As the Notre Dame signing of John Ryan proved, local papers will get the news to the web for free. Some BC fans were upset about being trumped by the Irish again, but as I have stated before, I no longer get emotional about recruiting wars. I wait until they get on the field to get worked up.

They’re playing football in Canada and BC alums Marc Parenteau and Paul Peterson are getting some snaps.

Michigan Blogger Brian Cook has started a blogger poll. I am participating. We’ll see how it goes. His work has led me to other college sports bloggers like Every Day Should be Saturday, who have interesting things to say about their teams and about BC. Non-BC fans seem to be more optimistic about our chances this year.

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