Monday, June 27, 2005

News and notes

More information is coming out about the death of Scott Laio. It seems the BC rower died from a fluid and electrolyte imbalance and heat stress. So sad. With all the top amateur and professional athletes pushing themselves to extremes in weight and heat, I am surprised we don't hear about more cases like this.

There's news out of South Bend about Notre Dame's future schedule and BC’s tentative place on it. Despite reports, I think BC will remain on the Irish's slate because unlike most other BCS conference teams, we will probably be willing to give them unbalanced series. ND blog Blue Gray Sky has us on most of the future schedules. Last time I said BC would be fine with or without the Irish, hundreds of ND fans sent me nasty emails.

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Jay said...

Any updated on ND's plans? i tried wading through all the EA posts but i'm too far behind to figure out what happened, and too busy to sort through all the name calling...