Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The national guys love BC and TOB

Some love from the guys at CFN. And Stewart Mandel lists O’Brien as one of his most underrated coaches. When BC fans read this stuff, many laugh at the thought of O’Brien leading this team to any major bowl and cry that he is overrated.

In defense of the national writers (some are good, some are bad) most DO NOT know as much about BC as diehard BC fans know about BC. They couldn’t. The good beat guys read a lot and watch a lot of football. But they are watching the top teams. They might see one whole BC game a year and a few quarters here and there. In those moments BC comes off as the little engine that could. They also look at TOB’s record and say “man, he wins 8 games and bowl every year.” They are less likely to pay attention to the games when the team does not come to play (Syracuse) or notice when TOB does his best to lower expectations in every interview.

So whose perspective and predictions are right: the BC fans or the national guys?

I would like to think that I am a balanced BC fan and here is my take. TOB is frustrating but he has done many good things for the school and team. I don’t think we will ever get to that next level (BCS games). I don’t think he is underrated or overrated -- he is what he is: a pretty good, but not great, college football coach. As for the sleeper team stuff…I don’t know. I am devouring previews and still don’t know what to expect in the ACC. I’ll make my official preseason prediction in July.

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Jaime Lannister said...

When has the national sports media EVER gotten it right?!?! Let's face it, sportswriters, less Kornheiser and Wilbon are a bunch of total douchebags. I saw Bob Ryan on PTI yesterday and almost shat my bed.

BC fans (not Kevin McGrath and his posse of retards) realize that Tom O'Brien is an AWFUL FOOTBALL COACH and will thus win, at MOST, 6 games next year.