Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blogpoll Q&A

The guys running the Blog Poll are putting out questions for the participants to answer. It is sort of a way to fill space in the summer and get people familiar with each other’s blogs. Here is my take on this week’s questions. Check out Every Day Should be Saturday for other blogger’s opinions.

1. What's THE critical game of the season on the
national scene? We're looking for the one that will
influence the most outcomes in a single span of sixty

Believe it or not Pittsburgh at Louisville on November 3. How can a Thursday night game at Papa John’s be so important? Because I think that might be the Cardinals only hurdle on their ridiculously easy schedule. The Big East is terrible and there is no reason to think Louisville won’t run the table. In past years that might have meant a trip to Memphis. This year -- as a member of a BCS conference -- it could mean a trip to Pasadena. If the Cardinals waltz into the Rose Bowl, outraged fans of one-loss teams from the SEC, Big Ten and other real conferences will force another change on the BCS.

2. What's the most critical matchup for your team?

The most critical game for BC is Florida State’s first visit to the Heights on September 17. Aside from it being the first official ACC game, it will also be the first real test of BC’s experienced but flawed team. Everyone has a different opinion how this division will play out, but if BC wins, it could be a confidence boost the team could ride into the Conference Championship in Jacksonville.

3. What's your wingnut upset prediction of year?

How about Notre Dame ending USC’s win streak? Getting killed by USC was probably the biggest factor in Ty Willingham’s demise. While not filled with as much talent as the Trojans, I think Charlie Weis might be able to surprise the Trojans here. Plus Weis was part of those Parcells staffs that always had Pete’s number in the NFL.

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Michael said...

That's too funny. An ND blog picks Boston College over FSU as their surprise upset of the year, and a BC blog picks Notre Dame over USC as their surprise upset.

Who woulda thunk it?